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david kirsch new mommy kit
david kirsch new mommy kit SKU :DKW-SET10Reclaim your pre-baby body with this nutrition system

Now that you’re done ‘eating for two’ (which, by the way, didn’t mean doubling down on snacks), it’s time to get serious about losing that baby weight. This palette-pleasing program from celeb wellness guru David Kirsch gives you high-powered nutrients that fill you up and keep you going. A breakfast of low-carb, low-fat Protein Plus Meal Replacement provides 25g whey protein, organic flaxseed and fiber, which offers much needed nutrition, especially to moms who are breastfeeding. Shake it up with Super Charged Greens, a fruit and veggie blend with probiotics, prebiotics and ‘super foods’ spirulina and bee pollen. Refreshing gulps of Vitamin Mineral Super Juice keep you stoked with vitamins, minerals and CoQ 10.  Finally, one or two gel caps of Omega-3 with food are not only essential for your skin, eyes, brain and heart, but may also boost your baby's mental, visual and motor skills as well. If you’re nursing, you’re still eating for two.

Kit includes:
• Protein Plus Meal Replacement
• Vitamin Mineral Super Juice
• Super Charged Greens
• One of a Kind Omega-3

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Breakfast, Mix Protein Plus Meal Replacement Powder with 8 oz. water. Shake, drink, go.

Or, blend a packet of Vanilla Protein Plus and Super Charged Greens Blend with 5.5 oz water. Blend on low, add 6 ice cubes and blend some more until it becomes thick and creamy.

Throughout the day, Drink your Vitamin Mineral Super Juice. Mix a packet of Vitamin Mineral Powder with 16 oz water. Shake it and drink on the run.

Then, take one gelcap of Omega-3 with your afternoon snack, with water, or by itself. 

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