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The toughest makeup to remove: You can do it!
by Aimee |  Feb 21, 2013

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same," The Fray croons in their famous song. You can relate this to your most recent romantic relationship, or maybe the fact that you have to get a new job or confront your best friend. Well, this might not be how The Fray meant it, but I'm about to take their poetry real deep... this line applies to your makeup, too!

Fray fans, hear me out. Some of the coolest makeup trends - red lips, waterproof eye makeup and glittery nails - are the hardest to remove. Does that mean we shouldn't try them? Of course not! As long as you're armed with the right tools and techniques, you can! You know, if you're running from these trends just because they're hard - borrowing from my Fray friends again here - "perfection will not come."

Try these tips and you and red lips, sparkly nails and fierce eyes will be the best of 'trends!'

Rock the red lips - then take them off!
Red lips are fierce for work, school or play, but you don't want to wear them all the time, do you? Probably not. Red lipstick (as well as other trendy hues like fuchsia, eggplant and oxblood) has pigments that tend to stick around long after you've washed your makeup off. When you're ready to be done with the drama at the end of the night, you just need to take it off using the right products.

The bliss fabulips foaming lip cleanser is the perfect option - it's like makeup remover for your lips! This bubbling formula lifts the pigment and other particles of makeup from your lips, leaving them clean, soft and free of color. 

Wash that waterproof eye makeup away
Waterproof eye makeup is a must for sweaty, humid or misty moments. No one wants mascara running down their face at their wedding or eyeliner smudging in the summer heat. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are great - sometimes, too great. That is, when you try to take it off. 

To remove this makeup safely (no more tugging and scrubbing and losing those lashes!) invest in a gel eye makeup remover like the bliss lid lash makeup remover. This formula is oil-free and dissolves even the toughest black smudges - without creating the dreaded raccoon eyes. Apply it with a cotton ball or swab, holding it against your lid for a moment before swiping away. 

Begone, glitter!
Glittery nails are all the rage, and I don't expect them to go anywhere any time soon. But man, taking that polish off is almost enough to convince me to never do it again! That was until I learned that patience is a virtue when it comes to removing sparkly polish. Think about it - it's like the remover has to lift off each and every fleck.

The key here is in your technique - soak a cotton ball through with nail polish remover like deborah lippmann's the stripper. Hold it to your nails for a good 10-20 seconds before trying to wipe it off. This particular product is great for removing dark pigment, too. 

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