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The 4 commandments of clear skin
by Katie |  Oct 3, 2013

For most people, clear skin isn't just something you wake up with - it's something you work for. It's also the one thing that, no matter your style, beauty preferences or tastes, is a constant aim.

If your goal is to glow on a daily basis, though, you'll need to incorporate certain strategies, skin care products and even foods into your life. Ready to face up to the facts? Here are the rules you need to abide by for clear skin:

Thou shalt cleanse properly
Washing your face is a given to keep your skin blemish-free. Not only does a cleanser eliminate dirt and oil, preventing it from clogging your pores, but it also lays the foundation for your moisturizer to absorb more deeply. As a general rule, avoid products with a lot of ingredients on the label if your skin is dry, as they'll likely contain harsh chemicals or irritating fragrances. Opt for a creamy or foaming cleanser, which won't strip your skin of all its moisture. Oily skin types or those with a greasy T-zone can benefit from a formula with Chilean wild mint extract or Chinese rose fruit extract, which can lower sebum production, minimize pores and improve the skin's overall ecosystem with powerful antimicrobial properties. The laboratoire remède matte therapy cleansing gelée contains both.

If you're prone to blackheads, look for an exfoliating cleanser, as it can remove dead skin and grime more effectively. Speaking of exfoliators - you should use one once a week to slough off dead cells and bacteria and accelerate cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

Don't forget a toner, either - it's a critical component of any skincare routine. Combination and oily skin calls for an ultra-clarifying and pH-balancing astringent, while dry skin types should use an alcohol-free solution. If your skin is especially sensitive, look for one formulated with calming lavender.

Thou shalt hydrate
Regardless of whether your skin is dry or not, moisturizer is a must. While it may seem counterintuitive to hydrate your skin if it tends to get greasy, failing to do so will actually force your glands to overproduce oil to compensate. In an interview with WPRI's "The Rhode Show," makeup artist Kirsten Brusse revealed that bliss triple oxygen ex-'glow'-sion is her top pick. The innovative cream is infused with revitalizing micro-algae, nourishing vitamins C and E as well as vitabeads, thus providing a blast of energy and radiance for your whole face. If your skin tends to get greasy, choose an oil-free cream that's formulated with natural humectants to provide lightweight moisture. 

Thou shalt eat healthy
You might be tired of hearing "you are what you eat," but there's truth to that mantra - particularly when it comes to your complexion. In fact, Cosmopolitan magazine reported that as much as 80 percent of your skin is impacted by what you consume. Variety is the key, so emphasize an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit to give your body all the nutrients it needs for healthy skin. The magazine recommended incorporating foods that are high in vitamin A, such as broccoli, kale, mango and grapefruit, which can regulate cell turnover and prevent breakouts.

Pop one of the blisslabs nutricosmetics triple oxygen glow sticks in your water, which provide an antioxidant shield from free radicals with vitamins B12 and C.

Thou shalt catch some Z's
No surprise here: You have to get your beauty sleep or your skin will look dull and tired. Dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad told the Los Angeles Times that this may actually be the most fundamental thing you can do for your complexion. He explained that when you don't get enough rest, your immune system is down and you're more likely to get flare-ups. While you're asleep, collagen production speeds up and growth hormones facilitate the repair of damaged skin cells and tissues. He advises six to eight hours of sleep every night for a fresh-faced appearance.

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