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Skin SOS: Simple tips for fighting shine
by Katie |  Jun 9, 2014

There are many situations in which shine is more than welcome. Shiny hair? Fabulous. Shiny shoes? Wonderful. Shiny skin? Well, not so much.

Unfortunately, summer offers the perfect conditions for just that. Between sweltering heat and oppressive humidity, even those without an oily skin type might suffer a glistening complexion - and not in a good way.

Don't stress, though - with these simple tips you can fight shine and maintain a flawless face throughout the day.

Cleanse smart
You might think scrubbing your face with a harsh cleanser is the way to go to keep shine under control, but doing so can actually send your oil glands into overdrive. Reach for an oil-free product, like la mer the cleansing gel, a lightweight foaming gel that washes away excess sebum and preserve your skin's balance without completely stripping it of moisture. 

Don't forget to exfoliate several times a week as well. Doing so will prevent clogged pores while also promoting a more matte complexion.

Particularly if you're prone to an oily T-zone, you'll want to add a toner to your skincare regimen to bust midday shine. Keep bliss steep clean mattifying toner pads on hand - they're can also clear away excess oil in a pinch post-gym session or whenever you're short on time.

The de-shine diet
Did you know nutrition can play a big role in how your skin looks? Allure magazine noted that while spicy foods and cocktails may be summer staples, they're not the best options for making sure your skin stays shine-free. That's because they dilate your blood vessels, making you sweat more. The magazine recommended eating spicy cuisine just once a week, and sticking with one drink per night. 

On the other hand, foods like spinach, melon and carrots, all of which are chock full of vitamin A, can actually hinder oil production. Of course, drinking plenty of water in the summer months isn't just important to prevent dehydration - it also helps flush out any impurities that affect your skin's appearance.

When your skin dries out, oil production can accelerate to compensate. That's why Best Health magazine advised eating foods with ceramides, like brown rice. These are lipid molecules that help the outer layer of your skin hold on to moisture. 

Prime and protect
Before you apply any makeup at all, primer is an absolute essential for a melt-proof look in the summer. This product will lock in any pigment so it stays on, even in sky-high temperatures.

It should go without saying that sunscreen is crucial in the summertime. Beyond protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, though, Allure magazine explained that it can also keep shine under control. The magazine suggested looking for a moisturizer or sunblock with oil-absorbing micronized zinc or titanium dioxide, or one with denatured alcohol, all of which help achieve a matte complexion.

Just in case, keep a packet of mai couture salicylic acid blotting papers on hand. These lifesaving sheets shrink your pores and soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup. Plus, they contain a dose of blemish-busting salicylic acid.

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