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Secrets to a slimmer shape sans dieting
by Gina |  Dec 27, 2013

This is going to come as a huge relief: There are ways to look slender without having to starve. So whether your diet got derailed this season or you simply haven't had as much time to hit the gym, don't fret. Just keep these secrets in mind and you'll trick everyone into thinking you're naturally that svelte:

Tan to look toned
It's no secret that a tan makes most women feel less self-conscious about their shape. However, that doesn't mean you need to sunbathe to look slimmer. Actually, applying self-tanner strategically means you get to visually sculpt your muscles in a way that defines your muscles. Of course, it's crucial to use the right formula and color so your glow looks natural. The bliss tan for all seasons is quick-drying, streak-free and can camouflage cellulite, so consider it your toning and tanning triple threat. After exfoliating and moisturizing your entire body, apply the self tanner evenly. Then flex your abs, arms and legs, and spray lines along the borders where your muscles naturally protrude.

De-bloat diet
No, you don't need to ditch solid foods and go through a strict cleanse - but you do need to incorporate those into your diet that naturally detox your body. For example, fruits and vegetables that have a high water content, like watermelon, oranges, grapefruits, celery and spinach, can flush out the impurities in your system that cause bloating. Remember that sodium can cause your body to retain water, so avoid the salt shaker as much as possible and always check the nutrition label on processed foods.

Sculpt with shapewear
If you don't already have some shapewear in your closet, it's time to embrace these life-saving pieces. The lytess corrective seduction body is perfect underneath pencil skirts and dresses. It doesn't just smooth out any tummy bulges - the fabric also contains fat-mobilizing caffeine, which means even after you take it off you'll feel skinnier. If you're looking for a smoother silhouette under a miniskirt or dress, slip on the spanx slimplicity high-waisted girl short, which makes your hips, thighs and rear look instantly tighter.

Style smarts
Resist the urge to cover up with baggy clothes if you're feeling less than thrilled with your physique - shapeless attire will only make you look bigger. It's also best to stay away from skin-tight garments, which can draw attention to every tiny flaw. The key to dressing skinny is to minimize areas you're self-conscious about with darker colors, while highlighting your smallest body parts with lighter colors. For example, if you're trying to hide larger hips and draw attention to tiny arms, you might wear high-waisted ultra dark denim with a cap-sleeved white T-shirt. Tack on a waist-cinching belt to any outfit if you want to emphasize a narrow middle. Of course, monochromatic ensembles are always super flattering, as they create one long vertical line that elongates your limbs. Don't forget that certain fabrics, like wide-wale corduroy, chunky wool and taffeta can add unnecessary bulk. On the other hand, fine cotton, cashmere and materials with a hint of spandex are super slimming.

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