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No more starving into submission: Try the Happy Cleanse
by Admin |  Feb 13, 2013

Juice cleanses, for all their celebrity hype, often get a bad report from nutritionists. The idea of drinking only juice seems the same as starving yourself, and while it causes immediate weight loss, it's not sustainable, many say. However, not all cleanses are created equal - some actually do what they suggest they'll do - clean out the toxins from your body, freeing up your kidneys and liver and generally making you feel like a million bucks. 

The new Bliss Happy Cleanse, designed with Joulebody exclusively for Bliss, is formulated with the true meaning of cleansing in mind. Just as Bliss looks out for the cleanliness, comfort and happiness of your skin, we're now looking out for your insides, too! So what's so chipper about this cleanse compared to others?

Seeing a difference without deprivation
Most juice cleanses work by depriving the body of food that it craves and needs, but this essentially sets you up for failure. Not only will you become so unhappily starved that you're more likely to crave and cave to good old junk food - your body also goes into a state of emergency, storing what it thinks it needs for survival. Doesn't sound very sustainable, does it?

That's because it's not. The Happy Cleanse is based on sustainability as much as it is about detoxing your body. With this program, you'll eat fresh, solid foods that are vegan as well as gluten- and dairy-free. The lack of certain toxins in your diet (from animal products, wheat and other substances) does exactly what you need to stimulate your body's natural ability to cleanse and regenerate itself. Plus, you're happily eating the whole time, not starving yourself!

When is it time to clean?
It's pretty easy to tell when it's time to vacuum your apartment, mop your floors or do your laundry. But how do you tell when it's time to clean your body from the inside out? There are a couple of indicators. If you're feeling a little blah and lacking energy, purging your body of toxins might be just what you need to restart your energy levels. If you've been lacking concentration, feeling a little bloated or your skin seems dull, toxin buildup may be to blame. 

Cleansing these toxins not only reinvigorates your system - it might introduce you to new, super-nutritious foods you really love. It can also point out certain substances that cause a negative reaction in your body. For example, you might have a slight allergy to dairy or gluten, and feel more energized without these foods in your diet. 

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Would you try this solid food option? 

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