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Get glowing: Light up every corner with candles
by Lisse |  Aug 22, 2012

When you are inviting people into your home this fall, one of the most important considerations you might be focusing on is how to make the space as warm and inviting as you possibly can. 

Candles have stood the test of time as not only a source of light for a dinner table, but as a way to create a soothing, cozy environment inside. While a candlelit dinner is nice, there are other ways to use candles to add a special flicker to your next entertaining venture. 

A flickering feast - from above

There's no doubt that candles look lovely on the dinner table, and there are countless ways to arrange them. However, if you don't have room, you don't have to sacrifice this lovely, warm light. Save valuable table real estate by suspending mason jars or glass lanterns from the ceiling above the table, instead. 

You can create hanging lanterns with almost any old jar - just wrap some string around the top of it, then pull the ends above and tack to the ceiling. Twine gives a rustic look, while ribbon might offer an elegant touch. Pop in some tea lights before company arrives!

Light the way

Staircases tend to be dark spaces and one of the only good ways to light them is to use harsh overhead beams. Candles can be an alternative in this tricky space.

Light the way upstairs with candles to create a romantic floating look that will make your guest's trip to the bathroom that much more pleasant. Line candles up at different intervals on a staircase. Choose one color and get a variety of shapes of candles (some pillars, some votives, maybe even some jar candles if the color matches) and arrange them at the edges of the steps in jars or Pyrex beakers. The former will add a crafty twist to the candle display and you can find them all over!

A spa-like experience in the bathroom

You probably spent a lot of time designing the table settings for your dinner guests, but keep the mood going in the bathroom, too. This otherwise-blah space can be spiced up with floating candles in the bath tub.

Fill up the tub and light an array of floating candles so your guests will be greeted by a warm glow when they enter. Bonus R&R points if you get candles with a calming, aromatherapy scent.

Lighting up a luminous home

There are few things more calming than the flicker of a candle, and when this flickering light is reflected, it creates an even more relaxing look to the room. If you have a fireplace, lean an old mirror against the back and arrange a variety of candles in front of it. This will give the warm, cozy ambiance of a fire burning. You can do the same thing on a mantel or a table.

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