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Fun runs turn exercise into an event
by Gina |  Aug 7, 2013

While it's good practice to hit up the gym each day for a regular workout, it can be nice to find a more entertaining way to break a sweat. It seems we're not the only ones who feel this way, as countless "fun runs" have been set up around the nation to make exercising more of a party than a chore. 

Here are a few of the best fun runs to try out this year.

Kiss Me Dirty
Those interested in taking a trip to Denver or Salt Lake City now have an excuse to go. The Kiss Me Dirty run consists of a 5K obstacle course that encourages groups to show off their true personality in the most quirky, outrageous outfits they can think of. The run's official website reports the event is all about the attitude, experience and passion - all of which come into play as ladies get their hands (and the rest of their bodies) dirty in the mud.

While you might love wearing your style firm los angeles competitor shaping legging and chic, moisture-wicking active top to workout, for this muddy run, it might be best to rock older pieces you don't care about so you can relish in the sweat and dirt.

The Color Run
This run, dubbed the "happiest 5k on the planet," is more about having fun and getting healthy than it is making record time. In fact, the run isn't timed at all, giving friends of all abilities a chance to get fit and fabulous together without feeling anxious or nervous about finishing. One thing to remember with this race is that you're going to get covered in "color bombs," so dress in anything but your best, Redbook magazine reports. 

During the run/walk/dance course, you'll be hit with five color-blasting stations at each of the mile markers, so it's best to start the day in all-white, and finish with a rainbow look. Check out The Color Run's official website to see if a run is coming to a city near you.

Superhero Scramble
While superheroes are typically associated with muscle-y men, this race offers ladies, kids and more a chance to feel like they've got superpowers. Parents can sign the youngsters up for the fun 1-mile race and can then attempt either the 4-, 8- or 13-mile trek for themselves.

Throughout the run (which asks contestants to dress up as their favorite superheroes) you'll be faced with mud pits, climbing walls, fire pits and barbed wire obstacles to put your skills as a superhero to the test. According to the run's official website, meet-ups will take place in Miami, Dallas, New England, Kentucky, Denver, Pennsylvania and more, giving people plenty of chances to sign up.

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