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Five steps for looking pretty post-workout
by Katie |  Dec 10, 2013

Of course, we'd all love to look like the glowing goddesses in fitness commercials after a grueling workout, but that image just isn't reality. More likely, you end your sweat session with skin that isn't perfectly dewy and cheeks that are a tad too flushed. When you're jetting from the gym to dinner or drinks, it's time to bust out the makeup bag and get your complexion back in order.

Still, you probably don't have an endless amount of time to fuss over your face. So here are four simple steps to looking pretty, even after some intense physical activity:

  1. Cleanse and calm - First things first: Get rid of any redness by splashing your face with cool water. Self magazine explained that this can allow your blood vessels to constrict. Next, you'll need to wash away any oil or impurities on your skin. The best way to cleanse your skin in a flash without completely stripping it of hydration is with cleansing towelettes that have built-in moisturizing agents.
  2. An even canvas - Nix the heavy foundation after working out - your skin may still be a little hot, so your makeup is more likely to melt. Instead, reach for a tinted BB cream, which can offer just the right amount of coverage to even out your skin tone and conceal flaws. The omorovicza complexion perfector bb spf 20 is a multitasking lifesaver that acts as a concealer, moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen and anti-aging cream in one. Simply apply a dab onto each cheekbone and along your nose, and then blend all three dots in by rubbing the cream in a circular motion.
  3. Get cheeky - Now it's time to put a little bit of color back into your complexion. Powder blushes are more likely to cake and a stain is too complicated when you're in a rush, so it's best to reach for a cream formula, which is simple to apply and blends easily. Troy Surratt, a makeup artist in New York City, told Fitness magazine that sheer cream-based products are also less prone to clumping.
  4. Effortless eyes - Remember that tinted BB cream you used in Step 2? Add another dab to your eyelids to brighten them up. Next, sweep on a couple layers of a waterproof mascara that won't budge, even if you're still somewhat overheated. Your best bet is chantecaille faux cils mascara, which simultaneously lengthens, curls, thickens and defines your lashes with an amplifying full-bristle brush and a special hydrophilic polymer that makes it water-resistant.
  5. Perfect pout - Chances are your lips are still a little flushed post-exercise, so all you need is a subtly tinted lip gloss to enhance their natural color and impart some shine.
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