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Dos and don'ts of wedding day makeup
by Katie |  May 6, 2014

The invitations have been sent, you've found your dream dress and now you're on to some important business: your beauty routine. The right makeup can make or break your look on your big day, so it deserves some careful consideration.

The idea is to enhance all of your best features without going too over-the-top. Here are some tips every no-fuss blushing bride should take into account for a flawless face.

First thing's first: Primer is basically the maid of honor in terms of your beauty products. This life-saving product ensures that all your makeup not only applies more smoothly and evenly, but also that it stays in place through dancing, dining, champagne and cake-cutting. Make sure to use a formula with sun protection, like the temptu base smooth & matte primer, if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception. This lightweight and oil-free product not only minimizes pores for an airbrushed finish, but also combats shine.

For that bright-eyed, youthful look, makeup artist Alex Babsky told Cosmopolitan magazine that it's helpful to dab shimmer powder on the inside corners of your eyes. You can also brush a soft highlighter along your cheekbones up to your temples to draw light to your face for a luminous glow.

When it comes time to apply blush, eyeshadow or lipstick, makeup artist Tiffany Patton explained to Allure magazine that it's best to apply pigment in thin layers. You can always build up the color, and this technique ensures it doesn't wear off as quickly. She advised blotting between layers of lipstick and re-applying to lock the color in. 

In terms of nails, keep it neutral. While you might be tempted to rock a vibrant coral or lavender to punch up your white ensemble, you want your gorgeous gown to be in the spotlight. A sheer baby pink, like deborah lippmann nail lacquer in baby love, is flattering on all skin tones - and as an added bonus, chips will be barely noticeable.

While you might think false lashes are the way to go, you might want to reconsider. Though they certainly offer the most impact, they're not ideal when the waterworks turn on. So instead, consider curling your lashes and applying a volumizing mascara. Most importantly, ensure that the formula is waterproof. If you can't live without the falsies, make sure to adhere them between two layers of mascara to really make them stick.

Don't assume that all concealers are created equal. Babsky noted in Cosmopolitan that while you'll want a thicker product with yellow undertones to cover a blemish or broken capillaries, it's best to opt for a peach formula to counteract blueish under-eye circles.

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown stressed in Marie Claire magazine that it's best to avoid trends. Stick with classic earth tones for your eyeshadow - you'll be happy you did when you look back on photos years from now that you didn't opt for that electric teal liner that happened to be the hot hue of the season.

However, you shouldn't be afraid of a little color. Brown pointed out that with a white dress, it's important to have enough contrast with your makeup so you don't end up looking washed out. That means selecting a rose lip shade that's just a shade brighter than what you would typically choose, or a plum that's just a touch deeper and richer than your normal go-to. 

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