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4 steps for streamlining your beauty routine
by Katie |  Mar 28, 2014

If you've ever dreaded taking out your makeup bag, rest easy: It doesn't have to be such a big ordeal. The fact of the matter is, most of us don't have the time - or energy - for excessive primping. Fortunately, there are plenty of beauty shortcuts that you can take for just as stunning results.

Here's how to simplify the process so you can get gorgeous in a matter of minutes:

#1: De-clutter
The idea is to cut down on wasted time rummaging around in your makeup bag for products, so start by emptying out the contents and separating them into several piles. Anything that you haven't used in the last couple months should probably be tossed - especially if it's a mascara or an eyeliner, as an old item could cause an infection. By getting rid of these useless products, you'll be able to find what you're actually looking for far more easily.

#2: Divide and conquer
Organization is key for shortening your routine. Try separating your products into two separate makeup bags - those that you use on a daily basis, and those that are reserved for special occasions. Again, this will save you time when you're getting ready for work and don't want to dig through high-intensity eye glitters to find your basic eyeshadow. If you have a hard case, keep all face, eye and lip products grouped together so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.

#3: Prioritize
There are probably some steps you can eliminate from your routine. The key is to think about what's most important - so if you have problematic skin, it's worth spending the extra time applying primer, foundation and setting powder for a flawless complexion. On the other hand, if your skin is pretty clear naturally, you can forego a lot of those steps and stick with a tinted moisturizer for lightweight coverage. Make sure that you start with the most important steps so that if you run out of time, you don't feel like your makeup is unfinished. You can always toss a lip tint or spot correcting concealer in your bag for quick beautifying on-the-go, but you probably don't want to attempt applying bronzer or mascara on the subway. Keep in mind that some products can actually help you to save time on other steps. The high-tech chella heated eyelash curler gives you voluminous lashes in an instant with no clamping or squeezing required. The curling capabilities are so powerful you may even be able to skip mascara altogether.

#4: Multitask
Products that have a dual purpose can be a life-saver because you can kill two beauty birds with one stone. For example, a cream shadow pen with a corresponding liner on one end makes it super easy to enhance your eyes. The temptu airpod blush doubles as a lip tint. Not only that, but the lightweight formula is blendable and buildable so you can easily customize the color. Not to mention, they're both sweat- and transfer-resistant, so you don't have to stress about constant touch-ups all day long.

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