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Attention: Foods that make you focus
by Laurel |  Sep 4, 2013

We've all had our bouts of feeling like we might have ADD. You're plunging into a report at the office and - what's that song you heard on Pandora? There's no telling why some days, you just can't seem to focus on the task at hand, whether it's writing a cover letter for a job you'd kill for or organizing your closet. Even when you're under a tight deadline at work, you might find your mind wandering.

Unless you've been diagnosed with actual attention deficit disorder, however, you probably just need to re-consider what you're putting your body. Food is fuel, and therefore, it's crucial to eat right in order to energize your mind and hone in on what needs to get done. By incorporating these nutritious options into your diet, you'll be able to concentrate on any project, regardless of any internal or external distractions.

For a morning boost
Breakfast is a key time for eating focus-improving foods, as you'll set yourself up for a productive remainder of the day.

Whole grains are high in satiating fiber, which can prevent those hunger pangs from distracting you from work mid-morning. Consider a bowl of oatmeal, and for extra benefits, add blueberries and one tablespoon of ground flax seed. According to MSN Health, blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which can help prevent free-radical damage to the brain while enhancing cognitive activity. Meanwhile, flax seeds are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which helps to support optimal functionality of the part of the brain responsible for processing all sensory information.

If you're feeling particularly anxious about the day ahead, sip on david kirsch calming bubbles, which can reduce stress and elevate your mood.

For a mid-afternoon slump
If you're dragging by lunch, salmon or mackerel are ideal options. MSN Health noted that both are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to build the foundation of healthy brain tissue. Further, salmon has a high concentration of niacin, which the source explained can preserve cognitive function.

Eggs are another excellent choice for brain power. Dr. Patricia Bannan, author of "Eat Right When Time is Tight," told The Huffington Post that not only do they contain all nine essential amino acids for your noggin, but the yolk is rich in choline and lutein, which are both crucial for thought and memory. She also asserted that higher consumption of lutein has been linked to the ability to process information at a faster rate.

When things are especially hectic in the office, use blisslabs nutricosmetics total bliss zen at work. Just a drop has enough magnolia bark to soothe your mind and vitamin B6 to help focus your thoughts.

For a late day pick-me-up
It's common to feel sluggish late afternoon, but the right snack can help to fuel you through any project. One example is yogurt: Dr. Amy Jamieson-Petonic, wellness coach at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, told The Huffington Post that tyrosine helps to promote the production of both dopamine and noradrenaline, which are key for memory and alertness.

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