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Tricks for keeping a clean makeup bag
by Katie |  Jul 30, 2013

Eyelash curlers, styling pads and makeup brushes are all important aspects of helping you look your best each and every morning. You might have your application down to a science - start with omorovicza complexion perfector bb spf 20 to smooth your skin, swipe chantecaille les pétales de rose on your eyes, apply mascara and blush and you're good to go. Despite the ease of sticking to a routine, one aspect of makeup care that you might need to get more familiar with is cleaning your beauty products. According to Seventeen magazine, makeup brushes and other tools you use on your face can get dirty and host bacteria after a while. This can not only create an uneven finish - think caked-on foundation - but it can also lead to breakouts and other skin infections or concerns. 

Here are a few easy steps for correctly cleaning and caring for your makeup tools.

Cleanup in the makeup aisle
For this endeavor you'll need a dry towel or paper towels as well as dish soap (since it helps cut through tough grease) and time. Start by gathering your foundation, blush, powder, contour, crease, blending and angle brushes, and line them up near the sink. Next, grab one brush and get just the bristles wet, then add a drop of the soap on the brush and start to gently mix the soap in. After rubbing the bristles for a few seconds, turn on warm water and rinse the soap out, while continuing to rub the bristles to get all the suds out. 

When the brush is bubble-free, squeeze out the excess water and place it flat on the towel to dry. Repeat this step with all of your brushes and let them dry overnight for best results. Never stand your brushes up to dry, as this technique can allow water to drip to the bases, which can start to rot if they're wooden or could loosen the glue that secures the base to the bristle section.

Try to clean your brushes once every one to two months to keep them looking and feeling as good as new.

Keep a clean makeup bag
Now that your brushes are clean, it might be a good idea to also clean up the bag or box where you store your beauty products. It's easy for loose powder, concealer, eyeliner or other items to open and dirty the inside of these storage spots, so making the time to quickly shake them out and wipe them down with a damp paper towel or even bliss lid + lash makeup remover can help keep the space tidy and bacteria-free.

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