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Let your blossoms bloom in unique vases
by Laurel |  Jul 24, 2013

Not only do freshly cut blooms like hydrangeas, lilies, roses and peonies add an instant pop of color to any space, but they also make the house smell like a lush garden. While traditional vases can do the basic job of storing flowers, try thinking beyond what your mom might have put out and choose something more eclectic. 

Those who want to think outside of the box might be thrilled to learn there are plenty of ways to do so - without spending an arm and a leg.

Sally sells seashells by the seashore
Those drawn to the fragrance and natural elegance of nautical decor in the home are certainly not alone. If your house is filled with classic ocean accents ranging from a driftwood coffee table and anchor pillows to ocean photography and a blue-and-white theme, then you are destined to show off your flowers with a piece to match this laid-back attitude. 

According to Dallas News, there is a great and inexpensive way to show off your ocean-loving personality. For this style, you'll need circular or cylindrical clear vases and tons of shells. You could either opt to use shells you've found on your favorite beaches or head to a local craft store to pick up a few bags of natural shells. 

With products in hand, simply grab your bouquet - yellow roses or tulips might work best with the blue and white color scheme - and place them in the vase. Next, fill the vase with shells almost to the top and then add water about three-fourths of the way to the top. Set the stunning arrangement on your kitchen island or coffee table to enhance the space all summer.

On the same note, you could also add a gorgeous vase like this in your bathroom, so every time you take a long, relaxing soak using vanilla + bergamot soapy suds, you can look at it and pretend you're on the beach.

Cutesy country meets bohemian bombshell
Ladies who enjoy mixing high-end pieces with great flea market finds might want to show off their blooms in this unique way. According to Country Living magazine, the trick to making a shabby-chic vision a reality is to invest in plenty of mason jars and tiny glass cups, bottles and more.

Once you've secured some inventory, it's time to get crafting. The easiest way to create a pretty and delicate centerpiece is to pick a few single flowers in a similar color scheme. Dahlias could be a great option since they come in a range of vibrant hues that complement one another. After you've selected a few, simply place them in miniature glass perfume bottles or other jars and fill them with water. Set them on your dining room table in varying positions to create a cozy and inviting setting.

You could also go for a more put-together, yet casual design by bringing natural twine in the mix. For this trend, you'll need nine vintage milk bottles, twine or another ribbon of your choice and an array of pretty wild flowers. Begin the building process by lining up the bottles in three rows of three. Next, wrap the twine around each grouping to secure each row, before wrapping the twine along the perimeter to keep all the bottles together. . 

When the bottles look lovely, add water and the fresh blooms for a gorgeous and nature-inspired centerpiece. 

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