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Simplify your spring: How to never have a bad day again!
by Admin |  Mar 14, 2013

You're running around the house and realize you need cash for the cab from the airport, but before you even think about that, you have to find your passport - which drawer did you stick it in, again? Of course, as you're walking from the terminal at your destination, it starts raining, and you know you're going to be caught without an umbrella once you leave the airport. And darn, you're starting to get a headache and those five hours of sleep you got last night just aren't helping you make it through the day. Hopefully they serve food on this plane, since you're starting to get that grumpy hungry 'tude. 

Bad days happen. They're not fun and sometimes they are unavoidable, but they happen more to some people than others. This is partially because everyone has a different outlook on life - you know, do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? - but also partially because some people take proactive steps to simplify their lives and prevent their most common stressors. Here's a list of some ways that you can prevent many of the daily to-dos that leave you bummin'. A simpler, more stress-free spring is headed your way!

1. Create go-to storage spots
Keep your passport in the same, easily accessible but still-safe spot all the time and you'll never stress before an international flight. Create an logical home for keys, too - maybe you can invest in a cute tray to keep by your door. 

2. Stock your purse
You'll never have to show up to work sopping wet, or say no to social plans because you don't have the drugstore items you need, or otherwise foil your plans if you stock your purse right. You don't need a Mary Poppins-sized bag to carry everything you need, either. Invest in a compact umbrella to keep in your purse for surprise rainstorms, and then pack a small toiletries bag with a few bandages, a small bottle of pain killers and a few go-to makeup items.

The mai couture glow-to-go foundation powder papers and the mai couture blush-in-a-rush papers are perfect if you don't want your products weighing you down. Stock a booklet of mai couture vitamin c+e blotting papers to get rid of that end-of-the-day shine, too. You'll be ready for an impromptu night out in seconds! You might also want to stock a lip balm and gloss to bust chapped lips or dress up your look a bit. 

Also good to have in your purse? Some snacks. Stow a granola bar or bag of nuts to prevent a drop in blood sugar that could make all your other problems seem that much worse. 

3. Go to bed early
This one is easier said than done, it's true. But there are some ways to get all eight hours. For starters, figure out a way to record your late night shows or find them online so you don't have to stay up late to watch them. Then, set an alarm clock to go off 30 minutes before it's bedtime. This will remind you it's time to turn off the TV, close that laptop and finish up whatever you are doing so you can hit the hay with time to spare. This might also give you time to light some candles and read a relaxing book to help you fall asleep. 

Once you're on a better sleep schedule at night, you might be able to afford to get up about 20 minutes earlier in the morning. Having more time to get ready and prepare for the day will set a less-stressful tone for the whole day!

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