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Are you caring for your cuticles?
by Admin |  Mar 11, 2013

You probably know when you have the slightest dent or chip of your nail color, and you may apply stripes, polka dots and glitter to your nail's surface with a level of concentration you haven't used since you took the SATs. As much attention as you pay your nails, you may be overlooking one very important part.

Your cuticles - that skin that clings to the nail and sometimes grows up onto it - are important for your nail's overall appearance and wellness. If you pick and pull at this skin with your teeth or fingers, you risk infection, and yet if you leave it be, it can encroach on your nailbeds, leaving less surface area available to try that cute new manicure idea you saw on Pinterest this week. 

That's why it's important to care for your cuticles just as you care for the rest of your fingertips. If you suffer from dry skin that cracks, you'll want to invest in a good cuticle oil, like the deborah lippmann cuticle oil. This product has pure white jojoba oil and vitamin E to soften, soothe and moisturize thirsty cuticles, while the coconut oil acts as a natural antimicrobial. Unlike other cuticle oils on the market, this one absorbs quickly, which means you can slather it on whenever without worrying about greasy fingertips that stain clothes and sheets. 

Although you should smooth your cuties out every so often with the oil, it's also important to get them out of the way every time you do your nails. However, if you push them back incorrectly, you can do serious damage to your nail beds and cause improper nail growth forever, so proceed with caution and use deborah lippmann's cuticle remover. This formula is made with potassium hydroxide, which gently removes dry skin so you don't have to get aggressive with the pushing back (or, heaven forbid, cutting!). This formula also has virgin wool wax oil, which prevents dehydration so you'll never have to worry about cracked cuties again!

Now, which color polish will you choose?

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