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Show your all-better face to the world with this guide
by Admin |  Jan 30, 2013

This winter, it seems like I always have a cold bogging me down. Sometimes, it's enough to keep me holed up in my room in my PJs, but most of the time, I'm well enough to head into work or hit the town with my friends. If only it weren't for that still-sick looking face, betraying my feelings of recovery!

Whether you're recovering from the flu, pneumonia or just getting over another annoying cold, you can still convince the world you feel better with hair and makeup tricks that bring your face right back to life. 

Touch up tired eyes
The inflamed sinuses that have made your head feel like it's full of air over the past few days have finally subsided, but for some reason, your eyes still look as puffy as a fresh ball of cotton. Your cold's interference with sleep probably hasn't been helping with those dark circles, either. To ditch this 'baggage' from your cold, dab on some soothing eye cream in the morning before you put on your makeup. I love the de-congesting plant extracts, green tea and grapeseed in the z. bigatti re-storation eye return. It will de-puff those pillows and firm up the skin. Once the puffiness is gone, follow up by dabbing, not rubbing, a creamy concealer around your peepers.

Look alive!
Perhaps the worst leftover skin symptom of a sickness is the pallid, pale complexion you have. To liven up your look, smooth a tinted moisturizer on and don't forget bronzer and blush. These cosmetics are critical on recovery days - it's that whole "fake it 'til you make it" phenomenon. This warm, rosy blend will help your skin glow with (faux) good health.

Seeing red
When you're coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose and just not sleeping well, it's normal for your eyes to get a little red in addition to being puffy. Although you can't do anything to cover up this type of redness, you can combat it with some other eye tricks. Wear navy blue eyeliner instead of your normal black or brown to create contrast against the red. Skip liner on your bottom lash line and opt for just mascara, since liner can drag eyes down and accentuate dark circles.

Look here, not there
Still look slightly sleepy and sick? Instead of drawing attention to that chapped nose or red eyes that didn't go away in time for you to face the day, draw attention to another feature, like your lips. It may not seem like it, but sick days are actually the perfect time to rock a statement lip. For a low maintenance pop of color, slick on some tinted lip gloss like the chantecaille brilliant gloss in glamour. 

Just a little bit of care for your hair
Despite feeling better, you still might not have the motivation to style your hair. If the idea of flipping your head upside down to blow dry still makes you dizzy, it's tempting to opt for a messy bun or ponytail. To avoid coming off as sloppy, choose an updo that takes only slightly more effort but adds a ton more polish to your look - a ballerina bun.

The sock bun trend is a good sick-day hairstyle, because it looks professional, pretty and pulls your face up, making you look even more awake. To pull this off, gather your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of your head and fasten tightly with a hair elastic. Cut the toe off an old sock and roll the sock up into a donut shape. Place it over your elastic like a scrunchie, then pin the hair of your ponytail into a bun, covering the sock completely.

This style adds instant glam that also happens to disguise greasy roots - especially if you spritz your roots with a dry shampoo like the oscar blandi pronto dry shampoo 2.5 oz before pulling back your pony.

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