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Spread a little sunshine
by Laurel |  Sep 27, 2012

We all know laughter is contagious, as the proverb goes, but a good mood can definitely rub off on others, too! If a friend or even a stranger seems like she needs a pick-me-up on one of her less-than-stellar days, there are plenty of ways to spread a little of your sunshine. Remember, karma is king!

How to heal (or hit) a broken heart
Okay, there's really no tried-and-true "cure" for a broken heart - in fact, being there for a friend who has recently gotten her heart broken is one of the toughest things you can do, even if it usually does just involve listening. Of course, you can always head to a driving range or a batting cage. The opportunity to smack the heck out of those balls might be just what she needs to relieve her stress, anger or frustration about the relationship!

A less aggressive stress reliever? How about a little self-love at the spa! Dedicate a whole day to rest and relaxation for the two of you at a Bliss spa. Treating yourself to a spa day is the perfect way to let off some steam and come out feeling refreshed and renewed. Having a gal pal to gab with the whole time makes it that much better.

Just down in the dumps
It's proverb time again: laughter IS the best medicine. If your friend is down in the dumps for any reason whatsoever, it might help to just make her laugh. She can spend hours lamenting about a job loss, a death or a jerk ex-boyfriend, but sometimes, the best way to feel better is just to laugh the blues away. Call to check up on your friend and leave her a goofy voicemail, or send her a package with a trashy magazine you both love to laugh at. Even popping in your favorite season of Friends or The Office might help your friend remember there are plenty of reasons to laugh and be happy.

Extending it to strangers
You don't have to know someone to spread the happy vibes. It may seem weird to comfort a stranger who seems down in the dumps, but a genuine compliment or favor never hurts anyone. Maybe you see someone sighing and struggling as they get on the train on a rainy day. Tell them you love their boots, or ring, or even umbrella. If someone behind you in line at the coffee shop seems stressed, buy them a coffee before they can even order it. Hold the door or elevator just a little longer to help out the woman wrestling with her briefcase, or bring a frazzled coworker a treat from your lunch break. It's these random, small acts of kindness that have the greatest power to remind us all that we're probably going to be okay.

When you're feeling sunny, you wield great power to light up other peoples' days, too. Plus, being friendly and doing something for someone else is bound to boost your spirits, too.bli

What's your go-to method for spreading the sunshine?

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