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Park it in the park for the best fall workout
by Jessica |  Sep 21, 2012

Fall weather is my absolute favorite - it's crisp, it's dry, it's just chilly enough. When the weather is like this, it's really hard to make an excuse as to why I shouldn't be out there exercising. There are few things I love more than working out in fresh air, and fall gives me that window of time where it's no longer oppressively hot and I can actually enjoy my workouts until the first snow falls and I am once again confined to the smelly gym.

If you're a city slicker like me, you might also be confined to the park when it comes to getting out into "nature" for your daily jog, bike ride or other cardio session. I can't really complain about Central Park, but if you feel like your workout could use a 'park'-me-up, try these moves.

Who needs dumbbells when you have a park bench?
Park benches may have been made for sitting and relaxing, but that doesn't mean you can't use it to pump up your workout! You can work your chest, shoulders, triceps and abs with this simple move - and all you need is your standard park bench!

Stand with your feet hip distance apart, about three to four feet behind a park bench. Lean forward to rest your extended arms on the top of the back of the bench. Keeping your abs engaged and body in a straight line, bend forward in a push-up motion against the bench. You can do your standard push up against the bench, or you can lift your hand to your opposite shoulder in between each movement.
Park it - but not for long!
You can also use a park bench in the traditional manner - almost. No, you won't burn any calories just sitting there, but you can do a move that targets your tush and your thighs. Stand in front of the bench like you are about to sit down, and clasp your hands together in front of your chest.

Then, lift one leg straight out in front of you, just a few inches above the ground, and bend the standing leg to sit down briefly on the bench - but don't get too comfortable! Keeping your opposite leg outstretched, stand up right away. Switch legs then repeat this movement. 

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