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Fall healing for summer the seven skin sins
by Katie |  Jul 24, 2012

Sister, have you sinned? It may have been a few months since you last confessed to committing some skin sins (um, hello winter dryness), but now that summer is over, it's time to fess up to the skin sins you committed over the summer and renew your face and body for fall. We promise they will all be atoned!

1. Lust - Did you have unprotected skin exposure over the summer? Whether it was an accident or you were truly lusting after a deep bronze from Mister Sun, your skin might be feeling pretty dry at this point, since the UV rays have a tendency to zap moisture from the skin. A-'tone' this sin by adding toner to your face-washing regimen this fall. This small step will hydrate the skin and help your moisturizer work its very best. Choose one with antioxidants to fight off wrinkle-causing free radicals.

2. Gluttony - Did you overindulge on margaritas or beers on the beach? Although an occasional poolside cocktail can be thirst-quenching, when the sun is shining and the weather's hot, it is especially important to stay hydrated, and lots of booze doesn't help. Hydration is key to smooth (read: wrinkle-free) skin and keeps it bright. Hydrate and smooth skin with The Youth As We Know It Serum.

3. Greed - Many of us have the issue of not wearing ENOUGH skincare products, whether that means lotions, anti-wrinkle serums or something else. However, if you've been on the greedy side with your skincare regimen, it might be a good time to take a break. For instance, too much moisturizer won't be able to absorb deep enough into your skin, so your skin won't be able to breathe and your pores will clog. Everything in moderation! Treat yourself to a facial to get a really deep clean this fall.

4. Sloth - You might have been too tired, or hot, or simply didn't feel like applying lotion to your body after every shower over the summer. As a result, your skin might feel dry or flaky. Atone this skin sin by using an exfoliating scrub in the shower and following up with a deep moisturizing cream while your skin is still a little damp.

5. Wrath - Okay, you might not have popped your zits out of wrath for your skin, but the poor little pimple probably felt that way! If you were tempted to pick a sweat-induced zit over the summer, make it up to your skin this season by treating it to a purifying acne cleansing routine. Look for something with salicylic acid to keep your pores clear. Now, hands off!

6. Envy - You know that friend with Mediterranean genes who is just always gorgeously bronzed? We all know someone like that, but being envious of her might lead us down the path to temptation - that is, attempting to get as dark as her, and damaging our skin in the meantime. If you suffered a burn or have some peeling action going on now, exfoliation and a solid moisturizing regimen will help heal dry, damaged this fall.

7. Pride - Too proud to see your dermatologist? You might be nervous about seeing the skin doc, but it's important to look for abnormal moles or other spots on your skin that could have been caused by sun damage. Derms are also there to help you with chronic skin woes like serious acne, eczema or psoriasis. 

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