• skinceuticals body retexturing treatment
skinceuticals body retexturing treatment

skinceuticals body retexturing treatment

bi-functional resurfacing and replenishing treatment for dull, rough body zones

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about body retexturing treatment

about body retexturing treatment

Specifically formulated for dull, rough body skin, especially arms, legs, knees, and elbows. SkinCeuticals Body Retexturing Treatment harnesses two polar mechanisms—exfoliation and hydration—to grant skin a smoother, softer texture. This powerful resurfacing and replenishing gel formulation is ideal for all skin types, including extremely dry, flaking skin.


  • Activates skin’s regeneration response by promoting exfoliation and providing simultaneous hydration
  • Optimizes cellular renewal to retexture rough body surfaces, while helping to improve upon skin’s radiance and smoothness
  • Formulated for arms and legs, and even stubborn elbows and knees

spa-powered ingredients

  • 17.7% Hydroxyethyl Urea and Aminosulfonic Acid Compound: Provides simultaneous exfoliation and hydration for the most efficient desquamation
  • 4% Niacinamide: Anti-inflammatory effect, helping to prevent post-inflammatory pigment response
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Increases skin’s natural moisturizing factor
how to use

how to use

Once daily, apply a thin layer to affected skin areas, or as directed by a skincare professional.

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