prtty peaushun skin tight body lotion 8 oz (plain)

a body-slimming shimmer of skin-firming lotion

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about skin tight body lotion

about skin tight body lotion

You’ve been working that body hard to get into shape — and it shows. Now show it some love. This firming, flattering, lifting, tightening glow-shun works like magic to pick up the slack. Not a dye. Not a self-tan. Skin Tight is a sheerly-, nearly-magic potion that slips a veil of color over your body. Makes you look toned and terrific. Defined. Divine. Made of 100% natural plant extracts and minerals, it seems to shrink-wrap your skin, smoothing away cellulite, masking your stretch marks and vetoing the look of varicose veins. PS to serious gym rats: it minimizes bruising and soothes sore muscles.


  • Member of Green America Association
  • Approved by PETA as Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Plant-based lotion tightens skin
  • Jet-milled minerals add a shimmer of shade
  • Fragrance free. Paraben free. No animal testing
  • Natural mosquito repellent

key ingredients

  • avocado oil/avocado butter: Creates suppleness, promotes collagen/elastin and protein production, helps diminish stretch marks and scars. heals and soothes, acts as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • pomelo/grapefruit wax Helps reduce sagging and wrinkling, repairs, tightens and promotes elasticity,assists in detoxifying, toning, fluid drawing and reducing cellulite, uplifts and stimulates
  • jojoba gel: Creates suppleness.
  • calendula flower: An anti-inflammatory, heals and soothes.
  • green tea extract
how to use

how to use


Smooth it on any place you want to polish up with a little glow. Body. Face. Even hair.

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