• la mer the mist
la mer the mist

la mer the mist 3.4 oz

wake up your skin with a light misting of botanical extracts  

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about la mer the mist

about la mer the mist

The Mist is formulated with marine botanical extracts to instantly refresh, hydrate and re-balance skin for a more energized and revived appearance. A live internal magnet helps continually charge the ingredients. The Miracle Broth™ infuses skin with precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy.


La Mer’s profound powers of transformation are derived from potent, highly active ingredients like nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts and semi-precious stones.


  • Infused with nutrient rich Miracle Broth™ 
  • Gives skin a more awake and revived appearance
how to use

how to use


To soothe and revitalize, mist onto face with eyes closed or apply with a cotton pad after your tonic or when desired.

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