• hollywood fashion tape
hollywood fashion tape

hollywood fashion tape

the strap-and gap-hiding wardrobe essential!


about hollywood fashion tape

about hollywood fashion tape


This clear, double-stick garment-gripping tape will help you escape the 'oops' moment that has shamed many a celeb. You name your wardrobe malfunction, this tape's got it covered: it hides bra straps, secures plunging necklines, closes blouse gaps, fixes hems, keeps wrap skirts from flapping; basically, it anchors every wayward garment from shoulder to shoe, so you don't risk getting into any 'sticky' situations. Plus, taping it up keeps you from having to tug things back into place all day -brilliant! Tin includes 36 strips.


  • Clear, double-sided tape holds clothing in place 
  • Eliminates the need to use safety pins 
  • A red carpet stylist secret