• hairmax lasercomb lux 9
hairmax lasercomb lux 9

hairmax lasercomb lux 9

'max' out your mane in as little as 3 months!


about hairmax lasercomb lux 9

about hairmax lasercomb lux 9

Has thinning left you spinning? Long a favorite of meager-maned men, this tool is now FDA-cleared to promote hair growth in women, too*. It can deliver stronger, lusher locks (and help shun shedding) in as little as 12 weeks by stimulating your scalp with laser energy. When used three times a week for 11 minutes each, the results can be really radical. 


*The HairMax is indicated to promote hair growth and treat Androgenetic alopecia in females who have Ludwig (Savin) Scale I-4, II-1, II-2, or frontal, and Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV.


  • Puts the power of laser in a convenient, handheld at-home device
  • The only device that's FDA-cleared to promote hair growth
  • 9 individual laser modules deliver highly focused light
how to use

how to use

Step 1

Place the LaserComb flat on your head so that both rows of teeth are touching the scalp.

Step 2

Starting at the hairline, move the LaserComb from the front of the scalp to the back of the head in a slow combing motion, pausing every ½ inch (1cm) for 4 seconds.

Step 3

Continue treatment, this time moving device from one side of the head to the other side.


If you have long hair, use your fingers or a comb to lift your hair out of the way while using the LaserComb to be sure that the laser energy reaches your scalp.


IMPORTANT: Do not lift the device off your scalp while moving.