• elemis body detox skin brush
elemis body detox skin brush

elemis body detox skin brush

body-buffing dry brush

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about body detox skin brush

about body detox skin brush

If you ‘bristle’ at the mere mention of cellulite, get a grip on this pure natural cactus dry brush. Daily dry brushing helps slough skin to smooth perfection, prepping it for follow-up products. It’s a technique we trust enough to use in our spas—and a method we suggest you ‘brush’ up on!


  • Smoothes and preps
  • Stimulates while eliminating dry skin cells
  • Do not get wet – keep in a dry place, out of the shower or bath
how to use

how to use


It is designed to be used dry, daily. Begin at the soles of your feet then continue working up the front and back of the legs in an upward direction towards the heart. Start on the hands and arms, including the tummy and back.


Do not brush over the face and chest but finish on the neck and scalp. After use disinfect with a light application of Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray.

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