• dreamskin anti-aging beauty pillow case
dreamskin anti-aging beauty pillow case

dreamskin anti-aging beauty pillow case

wicking pillowcase to control sleep lines and diminish wrinkles

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about dreamskin anti-aging beauty pillow case

about dreamskin anti-aging beauty pillow case

DreamSkin wicking pillowcase acts like a natural moisturizer by inhibiting moisture loss from the skin. Controls Sleep Lines and Diminishes Wrinkles by 50%. Eco-Friendly. Moisturizes naturally without creams, chemicals, fragrance or dyes. The "Fibers Do the Job NATURALLY" to hydrate your face. Works All Night Long! Provides a natural moisture balance for your hair.


ULTRA Soft, luxurious fabric with over 22,000 filaments per inch. Not a silk pillowase. New advanced technology fabric works like a Wrinkle cream. Silk, Satin and Cotton Pillowcases draw more moisture from the skin. The JuveTex fabric prevents moisture from going through the fiber. MADE IN THE USA


  • Reduces wrinkles and sleep lines
  • Moisturizes without creams or chemicals
  • Eliminate bed head
  • Made from extremely comfortable, luxurious fabric with over 22,000 filaments per inch

  • World's only authentic physician formulated anti-aging fabric

  • Helps retain more facial moisture than satin, silk, charmeuse, or cotton pillowcases

how it works

Everyone's talking about this major innovation in Moisturizing Fabric Skin Care Technology. Formulated by a skin physiologist, DreamSkin is made with JuveTex rejuvenating fabric for true Beauty Sleep. It's designed to reduce sleep lines, fine lines and wrinkles and enhances the rebuilding of collagen. Not a typical silk pillowcase, the propreitary JuveTex fabric design is a special blend of synthetic microfibers and Natural cellulosic fibers uniquely constructed to channel moisture away from the skin's surface via a hydrophobic transport layer to the soft absorbent backing layer where it then evaporates away from the head. This leaves a dry smooth surface skin while retaining the proper percentage of water in the stratum corneum. The Fibers are doing the job Naturally and permanantly. Beauty Never Washes Out! The Made in the USA JuveTex fabric has over 22,000 filaments per square inch which creates a unique cushioning action and Ultra Soft FEEL ideal for your delicate facial skin. This groundbreaking technolgy keeps the moisture "in" your skin at night. It will also keep your night creams in and not absorbed into your pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases suck moisture from the skin leaving it dry. In comparison in JuveTex clinical studies, excess moisture on the pillowcase plasters the cotton percale pillowcase to the skin causing it to stretch the face downward. This can weaken the facial structure and cause it to swell and breakdown. It's the major cause of sleep lines that turn into permanant facial wrinkles. Night time is the most crucial time to rejuvenate your skin--we lose twice as much water from our skin at night when our body is in repair, rejuvenation mode. Lack of moisture is one of the leading causes of sleep lines and facial wrinkles. Sleep on your luscious DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase and prevent future damage to your skin. Wake up beautiful, radiant and rejuvenated! Buy the first, authentic and proven cosmetic pillowcase that works.

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