• chella ciao perfect brow full-fillment kit
chella ciao perfect brow full-fillment kit

chella ciao, perfect brow full-fillment kit

the fix-it kit for sparse, thin eyebrows

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about chella ciao, perfect brow full-fillment kit

about chella ciao, perfect brow full-fillment kit

Think your eyebrows are looking wan, wispy -even a little wimpy? Want them to look fuller? Stronger? Sexier? Then set your sights on Chella's treatment kit for better brows. You get a tube of Chella's unique Brow Full-Fillment Eyebrow Treatment (which helps improve the look of brow thickness, fortify existing hair and minimize future loss without prostaglandins, which may have unsafe side effects) and a set of brow stencils in four beautiful shapes. Just apply the treatment nightly using the stencil of your choice as your guide for statement-making, eye-framing brows in a matter of weeks. The how-to comes on an instructional DVD, and the entire kit folds up into a roomy eight-pocket Eyebrow Organizer. (a $145 value!) 


Kit includes: 

Brow Full-Fillment Eyebrow Treatment (.2 oz)  Four brow stencils (Alluring, Sassy, Confident and Timeless) 

Beautiful Eyebrow Instructional DVD 

Tri-fold Eyebrow Organizer pouch with eight individual pockets

how to use

how to use

Step 1

Tweezers: With the tip of the tweezers, grip any unwanted brow hair and, using a quick upward motion, lift and remove. 


Step 2

Scissors: While grooming your brows, these will be needed to trim hairs that grow too long. 


Step 3

Razor w/ Brush & Comb: For a quick touch-up or when hairs are too short to pluck, this unique grooming tool fine tunes your brows. For closest results, stroke razor lightly against the grain of the hair’s directional growth.

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