Jun 23, 2016

Author: blissworld blog

the fuzz-free buzz

Soho bliss spa-tech, Nandi, has a near-cult following in New York's beauty world for her gentle handling of even the most sensitive guests.  Below are her tips for smooth sailing.
1. before you wax
  • • You should not be shaving within 14 days prior to your spa visit.
  • • It is helpful to exfoliate to rid the skin of dead cells and allow hairs to break through the surface.
  • • Take a pain reliever 45 minutes before your appointment (Advil or Aleve, no asprin--asprin will induce blood flow)
2. at your appointment
  • • In bliss spas we use Poetic Waxing Professional Wax; it’s a gentle wax that’s good for sensitive skin.
  • • The wax goes on over a thin layer of pre-waxing oil, which keeps the wax from sticking to the skin while softening the hair, making the process more comfortable.
3. afterwards
  • • Avoid waxing before any strenuous exercise or activity.  This ensures you won't irritate the skin or cause any ingrown hairs to develop.
  • • Enjoy your smooth self and make your next appointment four-six weeks away.
Jun 23, 2016