bliss naked body butter pro size
bliss naked body butter pro size

bliss naked body butter pro size


for our 'scent-sitive' grooming groupies! 

  • Mega-moisturizers shea butter + coconut oil nourish skin without feeling greasy
  • Advanced antioxidants protect and treat skin
  • Sodium hyaluronate locks in moisture for soft, supple skin all day
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our unscented body butter

Our famous body butter formula, now comes unscented, so you can mix it with any fragrance you fancy.


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Average: 4.7 (33 votes)
33 reviews
4.7 average rating
I have been using this for the past 5 years. I started purchasing at sephora (although they aren't carrying it anymore), I LOVE this product it moisturizes perfectly and is not at all greasy. The other sents are a bit too potent for me, so the 'naked' body butter is pure perfection! & makes my skin so soft! Highly recommend!

- by Mallory01/16/2016

I used to always buy the smaller lotions but I have realized that the big boy sitting right next to my shower reminds me to put lotion on every single time I come out, even when I am in a hurry. I love it.

- by kirsten12/13/2014

Love this lotion..great for winter but soaks in quick enough that I still use during the summer. Really like the unscented one.

- by Jennifer09/17/2014

I wanted a product that would help my skin not only feel great , would not feel greasy, and would not interfere with my cologne. I found it!

- by Deborah08/28/2014

This is a must have lotion especially for sensitive skin.

- by Ina04/09/2014


how to use

Slather on from shoulders to shins (or anywhere else that's particularly parched).