2021 Impact Report

We make products, so everything we do has an impact. As a Certified B Corporation, we are focused on consciously minimizing our environmental impact by building a thoughtful and responsible business that takes care of our planet, people and animals.

We are excited to share with you Bliss' First Annual Impact Report - looking back on 2021 and looking forward to an even more sustainable future.

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Bliss Achieved
B Corp Certification

We believe taking care of ourselves, each other and the environment is fundamental to achieving a higher state of happy and in May 2021, proudly became a Certified B Corporation.


Our "B" Day:


Bliss' Score:


The path to B Corp Certification was rigorous. It required a thorough review of our end-to-end business operations - not only focusing on the sustainability and social impact work highlighted here, but also ensuring we hold suppliers to the highest standards (ex. code of conduct, ethical marketing practices, supplier audits) and consciously manage our operations (ex. financial audits) and team (ex. parental leave and employee benefits).

It was an intense, months-long process but we did it! We couldn't be more proud of the work we do every day and are thrilled to be part of this movement of people using business as a force of good.


We develop our formulas and packaging to consciously minimize our impact on the planet.


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TerraCycle 2021

In 2021, 1106 lbs of Bliss packaging was recycled through TerraCycle and saved from landfills We couldn’t be more grateful for your commitment to recycling your Bliss empties – we do the same at HQ! Your participation with TerraCycle increased 500% by the end of 2021 and our collective impact continues to grow.

Package & Sustainability Initiatives

Every 1 in 2 Bliss products bought in 2021 were made in energy efficient & solar-powered facilities

We've been committed to energy efficient production since day one and we will continue to prioritize ways to be more sustainable in our manufacturing.

1250.12 ghg tonnes - Our carbon emissions from operations & shipping - 100% to be offset.

We know that measuring - and offsetting - our carbon emissions is a critical way we can have an impact on our environment. We'll be offsetting our 2021 emissions and are committed to digging deeper in 2022 so we can reduce and offset even more emissions from our manufacturing.

5000lbs (and counting!) of plastic avoided from conscious packaging reductions & non-plastic packaging initiatives for key 2022 product launches.

Every bit of plastic do not generate makes a lasting impact on our environment and ecosystems. We made a strong commitment in 2021 to not only help people recycle plastic but to also reduce it anywhere we could. From making plastic-reducing tweaks to our jars, to using alternative packaging materials like infinitely-recyclable aluminum, we are making big strides and look forward to sharing more about these initiatives in 2022.



We proudly and actively support inclusive organizations that are focused on bringing about positive change.


2021 Donations:

$103,600 to The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth, to support their life-saving efforts.

$25,000 to The Center for Antiracist Research to support the critical work they are doing toward building an antiracist society that ensures equity and justice for all.

$5000 to Beauty United to support their mission to provide community, education and access to support the next generation of beauty and wellness leaders.

2021 Social Impact Campaign:

The Trevor Project x Bliss PepTok

This campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month created a flood of positivity across TikTok in efforts to spread kindness and raise money for The Trevor Project. The campaign resulted in 22,000 positive comments shared across TikTok and $22,000 in donations to The Trevor Project.


We thoughtfully create our products to ensure no living beings are harmed in the process.


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Our iconic Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub has been reformulated to remove the beeswax and is now 100% vegan. The new vegan formula is now available exclusively on Blissworld.com - and will soon roll out to retailers nationwide.

Our final non-vegan product, Poetic Wax is expected to transition to vegan in 2023 as we work to make 100% of Bliss products 100% vegan.