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david kirsch vitamin mineral powder
david kirsch vitamin mineral powder SKU :DKW-04

vitamin mineral 'super juice'

It’s time for your vitamin jars to vamoose—this nutrition-packed, all-in-one powder will make those pills a thing of the past. Mix the David Kirsch powder packs with water for a sugar-free, fruit-flavored beverage that delivers gobs of good-for-you ingredients in an easily absorbed liquid format. Provides the essential vitamins and minerals, plus wellness boosters like antioxidant-rich green tea, bone-building coral calcium, vitamin-C-laden acerola berries, ‘superfood’ spirulina, CoEnzyme Q10, and herbs like ginger, aloe vera, ginseng, echinacea and licorice to aid in digestion, energy, relaxation and immunity. Orange or Raspberry. Box of 30 packets, .21 oz each.

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Throw away all of the vitamin jars and replace your skim lattes with this powerful, energizing, green tea infused super juice!
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DAVID KIRSCH redefines what it means to be fit, inspiring people of all ages and all levels of fitness to generate natural beauty from within and to strive for and ultimately, find their best self. From his critically-acclaimed wellness training and “star” following, to best-selling books and an innovative supplements line, David Kirsch’s brand of “Wellness” offers intelligent solutions for everyone, every lifestyle. His passion for helping people transform their lives as they transform their bodies is the foundation for the multi-platform wellness company that is David Kirsch Wellness Co.

“It is my job to help you reach your maximum wellness potential. Mind, body and spirit all work together to bring you a level of performance you may never have thought possible. Your success is my success. Remember: "It’s never too late to transform your life.” -DAVID KIRSCH
loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains superior natural source nutrients like spirulina, one of the world’s great super foods, acerola berry, coral calcium and minerals, CoEnzyme Q10, aloe vera, and astragalus. AND, with the added bonus of antioxidant-rich green tea and ginseng, Super Juice is a healthful source of energy for the body and mind. Also includes Echinacea for the immune system, ginger and licorice for digestive health, vegetable and fruit extracts with live enzymes for enhanced digestion and metabolism, powerful plant polyphenol antioxidants, and zinc, along with chlorophyll from spirulina marine algae for eye and skin health.
Pour the contents of one packet into 12 oz. water. Shake and drink. David recommends drinking 1-3 Super Juices during the daytime.
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david kirsch vitamin mineral powder

on 10/9/2013

david kirsch vitamin mineral powder

on 7/7/2013

Just ok. Was an easy way to take my vitamins, but not that tasty.

david kirsch vitamin mineral powder

on 5/1/2012

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