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Your main makeup mistakes, solved
by Katie |  Jul 10, 2014

Errors are a part of human nature, but when it comes to your makeup, it's hard to accept anything less than perfection. Maybe you were a little heavy handed on the bronzer, or your eyeliner suddenly smeared - either way, it's easy to get stressed out when your appearance is on the line.

Never fear, though. With a few clever tricks, it's easy to correct even the most complex beauty blunders.

Just follow this guide to get back on track to gorgeous.

Mistake: Too much blush
Mend: If you overdid it on the cheek pigment, don't fret. If the formula is cream or liquid, you can easily blend out the color with the award-winning beautyblender sponge, which is moistened with water to help ensure consistent application, and can even get into those hard-to-reach facial nooks and crannies. Good Housekeeping also noted that smoothing lotion over a cream formula will help dilute the pigment. Or, for a powder formula, try sweeping a clean fluffy brush across your cheeks to tone down the color. Still an issue? Swipe on some translucent powder, like the lightweight chantecaille hd perfecting powder.

Mistake: Smudged mascara
Mend: Raccoon eyes are never a good look, but sometimes a little sweat or a few tears can make the situation inevitable. Get your peepers back to perfect condition with a Q-tip and bliss lid lash makeup remover, but be sure to wait until the mascara dries first or you could make matters worse. If you're on the go and don't have a makeup remover handy, a bit of lotion will do. 

You can also avoid mascara overload altogether by removing excess mascara on the wand before you sweep it on. This is key if you like to apply the product to your bottom lashes. Alternatively, you can use a clean mascara wand to de-clump and separate lashes, thus reducing the chances that it ends up around your eyes.

Mistake: Smeared eyeliner
Mend: Sometimes that sleek line gets a little messy, especially when your skin is oily or the temperatures are sweltering. L'Oréal Paris consulting makeup artist, Billy B, told StyleList that he recommends applying an eyeshadow in the same hue as your liner right on top of it. This sets the pigment, thus preserving its life and preventing it from budging. Gurl.com noted that applying primer and finishing powder right underneath your lash line will make liner less likely to adhere there.

Mistake: Overdramatic eye shadow
Mend: Did your smoky eye come out a little too smoldering? The idea is to look sultry, not scary. So when you need to soften the look, Good Housekeeping suggested dusting a lighter shade, like a shimmery taupe, on top of your lids to balance it out and neutralize the dark color. Keep layering on the paler shadow until you've reached your desired intensity.

Mistake: Too dark lipstick
Mend: We're all for a crimson or berry lip, but less tends to be more with these vivid hues. So if you swipe on a color and it's bolder than you intended, first apply a clear lip balm on top, which will make the pigment easier to lift. Then, blot your pout with a tissue to subtly fade the color.

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