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The lazy girl's guide to hair styling
by Katie |  Sep 18, 2013

Some days, you simply don't have the energy or the patience to hold a hairdryer above your head and blast your tresses into submission. Not to mention, who has the time for that on a daily basis?

According to the Daily Mail, a study found that women spend a whopping ten days every year styling their strands. Imagine what other useful, fun things you could do with that time, if only you had some strategies for perfecting your coif without all the fuss! If you're looking for a low maintenance routine - or just want that extra half hour to snooze - consider these shortcuts:

Making waves
Wavy-haired girls, rejoice: bedhead is in. Though the goal is to appear like you just rolled off your mattress, the look takes a little more effort than that. One way to achieve waves that are soft yet still defined is by braiding hair loosely before you hit the hay. Make sure your hair is still damp when you do so, as then it is more likely to hold the desired shape. When you wake up, all you have to do is remove the elastic, shake out your strands and apply just a small amount of shine serum.

By the second day, your waves might be looking slightly messier - embrace it! When they're looking particularly unkempt, though, you can always use a flat iron to touch up. Just clamp down on the pieces that have gone astray and move flip the iron 180 degrees in a back and forth motion, mimicking a natural wavy shape.

Controlled curls
Curls have the potential to look cute or just plain crazy. The good news is - the more you mess with them, the more unruly they become, so a minimal style routine is actually best. Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb when you get out of the shower, which can help your curls to maintain their shape instead of breaking them apart, promoting frizz. Work in some styling cream and delicately scrunch section by section. Don't be afraid to twirl locks around your finger to reinforce their structure. 

When you just can't deal, a ballerina bun is an always chic solution. Pull your tresses back into a sleek ponytail relatively high on the back of your head, then wind it around in a circular motion and secure with bobby pins. A quick spritz of hairspray will lock the look in place.

Straight on
If you have straight hair, you already have it pretty easy when it comes to taming your tresses. Still, pin-straight locks can look flat or dull, especially after a day or two of not washing them. You don't need to reach for the curling iron or the rollers, though. Try rough drying your hair upside down when it's slightly damp, focusing on the roots. Opt for a tool that has ionic technology, high power and high speed airflow - like the sedu revolution pro 6000i dryer, which can cut drying time in half and frizz by 90 percent. When your locks are looking limp after a day or two, just apply a texturizing spray, like sachajuan ocean mist, for a boost of volume and a beachy effect.

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