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No sweat! An activewear guide
by Gina |  Nov 1, 2013

You spend a lot of time picking out the perfect ensemble for a date or a big night out with the girls. So why aren't you putting as much consideration into your workout wear? Your garments can have a major impact on the comfort and effectiveness of any sweat session. Investing in the right pieces can also give you a major boost of motivation to get moving.

So before you head to the gym, here are some tips for picking out your outfit:

Especially if you plan on partaking in a Bikram yoga or Tabata class, you should look for apparel in moisture-wicking fabrics that can draw sweat out from underneath instead of trapping it inside.

While we all love cotton tanks and T-shirts for our everyday apparel, it's not an ideal material for exercise because it traps moisture, preventing your body from properly cooling. Performance fabrics are typically made of a Lycra or poly blend for ultimate breathability.

It's important to think about how your body will be moving when picking out activewear. For example, if you're going for a long bike ride, you'll want to avoid pants with a wide leg, which could get caught up in the pedals and hinder your ability to cycle. For a yoga class, choose form-fitting capris that allow you maximum flexibility. Most importantly, your exercise clothes need to fit well - you'll have more confidence and a better range of motion.

If you exercise outdoors, you definitely want to consider attire that's appropriate through the seasons. Layering is the best strategy, because you can easily adjust to changing temperatures. Start with a moisture-wicking tank top, then add a zip-up jacket in a breathable material and if need be, another waterproof and windproof layer. A top in an ultra-bright hue is more fun than basic black and can also make you more visible if you're running after dark.

When you're exerting a lot of movement, you need to ensure you have adequate support for your chest. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you'll also avoid any moments of self-consciousness while you're doing those burpees. With slimming side slings, side-closure and removable cups, the spanx active racerback bra keeps you looking and feeling sleek so you can focus on your moves.

It's just as important to support your feet, too. Consider what terrain you'll be exercising on, as well as what kind of activity you're doing. While an indoor cross-trainer is fine for that weightlifting class, you'll need a sturdy, shock-absorbing sneaker with adequate arch support if you're going for a long outdoor run. Spinning demands specific sneakers that stabilize your feet on the pedals and minimize strain.

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