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Getting over your ex, the healthy way
by Laurel |  Oct 7, 2013

Symptoms include: impossible struggle to get out of bed, lack of social energy, sobbing at songs on the new Drake album and general disdain for all couples around you. Sound familiar? You're definitely going through a breakup.

Women everywhere are continually looking for a quick and easy way to move on from their ex. In fact, Women's Health magazine reported that searches for "how to get over a breakup" rose by 41 percent between 2011 and 2013. Unfortunately, some of the seemingly simple fixes - like downing a gallon of ice cream or a bottle of wine - are only temporary comforts, and ultimately end up making you feel worse. If you're working through a bad breakup, try these tips for lasting relief instead:

Write it down
As cheesy as it sounds, it might be helpful to start keeping a journal to record some of the rollercoaster emotions you're experiencing. That doesn't mean you need to write a full-fledged "Dear Diary" entry every day - it could be as simple as jotting down a few rants or questions that are on your mind. Therapist Sheri Meyers told The Huffington Post that recognizing any complicated feelings is the only way to work through them successfully. Not only might you gain insight into why things didn't work out, but you'll also give your girlfriends' ears a break.

Find empowerment
It's normal to experience somewhat of an identity crisis after a serious relationship ends, but you need to prove to yourself that you can be healthy, happy and strong all on your own. Find a form of fitness that works for you and try to make it a routine. The unexpected shock of a breakup can make you feel off balance, and scheduling in exercise will help you to regain a sense of control. Working out will take your mind off the pain, and as an added bonus, will also boost your mood due to the release of endorphins.

Total detox
There are many ways to cleanse after a breakup, and they don't necessarily involve a liquid diet. Start by purging anything in your life that provides a negative reminder of your ex. You don't need to throw out every single gift or photo, but put them in a box and out of reach. The idea is to eliminate obvious visual reminders. While you're at it, start your day with the david kirsch a.m. daily detox, which flushes out toxins, combats free radicals, safeguards cells from damage and empowers your body's ability to naturally cleanse itself. Oh, and don't forget to nix the toxic thoughts. Obsessing over how your ex appears now won't help you, but self improvement will.

Cut digital ties
There's no way you're getting over someone with constant updates about them on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds. Relationship therapist Rachel Sussman explained to Women's Health that these sites give you too much access to what your ex is up to. Not only does this make you think about them more, but it gives you an unrealistic idea of what their life is like. If all you see are happy photos and status updates, you're going to assume they've already moved on, which is hurtful. Defriend, unfollow, whatever you have to do to get them out of your virtual life.

Treat yourself
Most importantly, be good to yourself. A breakup is distressing, confusing and all around exhausting, so take time to indulge in small luxuries, whether it's a massage after work or a weekly manicure. These pleasures reinforce the idea that you're worth time, effort and attention - a concept you might lose sight of when you cut ties with someone important to you. If you're on a budget, there's no need to splurge on expensive treatments. Pour a dash of elemis sp@home quiet mind relaxing bath elixir into the tub, take a deep breath and remember: you're entering a new chapter, and the possibilities are endless.

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