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A tutorial: Mastering the messy updo
by Admin |  Feb 3, 2014

Who says bedhead can't be beautiful? It's all about effortless elegance this year, and that goes for your hair, too. Instead of super-polished sleek styles, it's time to embrace the undone updo, which is just as appropriate for casual daytime jaunts as it is for evening affairs.

The best part about this 'do? It's ultra simple to create - and it looks even better when you've skipped a day of shampooing or your hair is a bit unruly. Here's how to get the laid-back look:

  1. It's best to have a little body to work with. If you don't have naturally curly or wavy hair, use a 1 inch curling iron all over and then run your fingers through your locks to loosen them up. For the best results, use a wand like the sedu revolution clipless curling iron 1", which gives you total control over the temperature and will prevent any pesky crimps.
  2. For maximum drama, you can tease the front of your hair by back-combing it. Add a dash of sachajuan volume powder for extra credit.
  3. Working from the right side, sweep roughly 3/4 of your strands over to the left for an off-center diagonal part. Clip the hair up to keep it separated. Now, section off the piece on your right side and clip that in place.
  4. After gathering your clipped section on the right, begin winding an elastic around the hair as if you're going to make a ponytail but don't pull the ends completely through. This will make a small bun, which will serve as the base for your 'do.
  5. Release the section on the left from the clip and start haphazardly securing curly pieces to your bun with bobby pins. You can affix your locks by sliding the pins in horizontally or vertically depending your preferences. Just don't be too meticulous about it. After all, the finished look is supposed to be somewhat mussed up.
  6. When you've fully pinned the left side into the bun, un-clip the right side. Then begin twisting the hair near your right temple along your head.
  7. After you've incorporated all the hair on your right side into the twist, pin it in place at the bottom of your updo with vertically placed bobby pins. 
  8. Finally, remember to apply a mist of holding hairspray to fight flyaways and keep your 'do from drooping.

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