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Facing up: What your makeup says about you
by Katie |  Sep 25, 2013

There's likely been a time when you've seen someone with little makeup and thought, how does she leave the house so bare faced? Conversely, you've also seen that girl with a mask full of caked-on cosmetics and wondered how she has the time in the morning.

Whether you're a minimalist or a maxim‚Äčalist, your makeup can say a lot about who you are. Oregon State social psychologist Dr. Frank Bernieri told Cosmopolitan magazine that it only takes 10 seconds after a person is introduced to you for them to pass judgment. Not only are these assumptions largely based on looks, but they aren't easily altered.

The question is, are you projecting the face you want the world to see? Follow this guide for a glimpse into what statement you're making:

Au naturel
‚ÄčMaybe you don't have a lot of time to get ready, or you just don't like the feeling of too many layers on your face. Regardless, if you're a get-up-and-glow kind of girl, people might perceive you as having a strong sense of self. You exude confidence because you don't need to cover your complexion with tons of products - in fact, you'll settle for one sweep of the no-fuss mai couture glow-to-go foundation powder papers.

Makeup artist Meredith Baraf told Beauty Riot that nude lips are a great look for a low-maintenance girl, because they show that you don't care too much about others' opinions. She also says that rocking an understated lip shows that you can let things go easily and laugh when things go awry.

Still, there are special occasions where you'll want to look refined and put together. There's no need to pile on the pigment, but to present the right message, go for neutral makeup and don't emphasize one feature in particular. Bernieri explained that when your eyes or lips don't attract all the attention, you achieve a certain air of being calm and collected. Opt for matte espresso liner above the upper lashes, a coat or two of mascara and a lipcolor just one shade deeper than their natural hue.

Balanced beauty
You're the kind of girl who always sets some time aside for primping, but you never look overdone. Do you tend to go for an innocent look, such as a pink glossy pout, bright eyes or rosy cheeks? Dr. Caroline Keating, a professor of psychology at Colgate University told Cosmopolitan that these elements make you look accessible. Blushing cheeks say you're playful and approachable, but overdoing it suggests you're ultra-flirtatious. 

For a youthful appearance, try sweeping shimmery eyeshadow on your browbone to make your peepers appear wider and more awake. Makeup artist Stephanie Flor noted to Beauty Riot that pastel shadows are typically associated with a carefree, romantic sensibility.

Bold and brazen 
One thing's for sure: You're not going anywhere without makeup, and you're not afraid to go all out, either.

For a pore-less, photo-ready canvas, you start with the temptu base smooth & matte primer, then smooth on the airpod foundation to even out your skin tone and camouflage any flaws. You're an airbrush pro, though, so you're not done yet - the chantecaille hd perfecting powder is your final touch for a flawless finish.

Are you a sucker for fire engine red lipstick? Flor said the look demonstrates fearlessness and a go-getter attitude. You don't mind being the center of attention, and actually, feed off of people being drawn to you.

The smoky eye might be your go-to for glamor, and for good reason: this sultry look indicates a connection with your own inner-power. While lush, long lashes are an especially alluring look, you might want to re-consider when you're rocking the falsies because they can look - well, fake. Wearing them during the day screams high maintenance, since you obviously put a lot of effort into getting them on. Save your faux lashes for a fun night out with the girls. 

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