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Chill out! - A meditation guide for beginners
by Laurel |  Aug 20, 2013

For a lot of people, meditation seems like a waste of time - but actually, clearing your mind is essential for managing everyday stressors and improving focus.

Still, you might find it nearly impossible to stop the constant flow of thoughts in your head for even a few seconds. After closing your eyes, mental reminders of the things you need to do, people you need to call, and other obligations and worries inevitably creep in and destroy any chance of inner peace. Regardless of your busy schedule, though, you probably have a few minutes for meditation. If you follow these tips, you'll be able to step away from the chaos around you and inside your head even for just a moment in time to gain a fresh perspective.

Baby steps
There's no need to dedicate a large chunk of time for meditating. Instead, Dr. Alice Boyes recommended in Psychology Today setting aside just three to five minutes, and if that still feels like too much, start with less. In fact, she explained that taking just three breaths and paying close attention to your body is enough to get you started.

Instead of taking an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to this time of reflection, Boyes emphasized that it's important to find what works for you. For example, some people might find it helpful to have a formal daily ritual, such as a walk on your lunch break or after dinner, in the beginning. As you get more comfortable with the act, you could start to integrate meditation into your day in a less structured way. Soon, meditating will become subconscious and you won't even have to think about doing it.

Set the mood
Your environment can have a lot to do with your thoughts. While Boyes explained that you can meditate wherever you feel most comfortable, whether it's in your office or your bedroom, it's important that you can separate yourself from any distractions. If you're home, she recommended turning on some relaxing music and lighting a candle to create serene ambience.

Does being at the ocean transport you to a calm state of mind? Ignite the illume demi boho candle in oceano, which is infused with the scents of greenery and white musk. If you're meditating at nighttime, spritz the elemis sp@home quiet mind room mist and you'll fill the room with intoxicating patchouli and eucalyptus, which can calm the mind and promote ultimate tranquility.

Visualize and isolate
The key now is to let yourself be present in the moment. Refinery 29 suggested closing your eyes, breathing deeply and focusing on all your senses, including what sounds you hear and what scents you smell. Additionally, it can be helpful to hone in on different parts of your body, from your fingertips to your toes. This is especially useful if you're experiencing pain in a specific area and can't seem to pinpoint where it's coming from.

The source also advised utilizing the power of positive thinking by imagining your ideal life, from your dream job to your perfect home, and playing it out in your head until it seems achievable.

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