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Keep it cute while breaking a sweat
by Gina |  Jul 16, 2013

Working out is a necessary evil - if you want to look fabulous in a bikini, you have to sweat. But that doesn't mean you can't rock a killer look while you do it. Sure, sports bras, jogging shorts and fitted, breathable tops might not be your idea of a fun shopping trip, but having some stylish, comfortable clothes to wear when you're working out can be a motivator to hit the treadmill. Here are some outfits and individual pieces I've been loving as of late.

Perfect pants
While you probably rocked true athletic shorts when you worked out in your youth - think gym class - today's exercise-centered society has afforded us the luxury of better clothing options for breaking a sweat. According to Glamour magazine, one of the best options to consider when it comes to exercise pants is a three-quarter length pair. 

Not only does this length allow you to have some air flow, keeping sweat and other issues at bay, but they also tend to cling tighter to yours legs, preventing issues like thigh chaffing or sagging. I swear by the style firm los angeles swagger shaping capri pants thanks to their chic and modern style as well as a hidden mesh layer that works to lift up the butt, making it look like you've done plenty of lunges even on days you work solely on your arms and core. 

On the same note, if you're going for a run on a chilly morning, it might be a better option to slip into longer legging-inspired exercise gear. A pair like the lytess excelsport fitness leggings can help keep you warm, while the high waist will keep your core tight for a better all-around workout. 

Breathable bras
Keeping your legs and stomach tight while exercising is a must, but finding a suitable and supportive sports bra is another important step to achieving a great workout. Women's Health magazine reports a well-fitting bra can be the difference between a comfortable, fulfilling run and a nagging, sagging feeling. 

Keeping the girls well contained during a workout not only feels better, but can help you stay focused and free of distractions. In the past I've been guilty of rocking two sports bra to gain the right support, but nowadays, there are options on the market that can do the trick and then some. The spanx® active top-notch bra (white) is one sports bra that certainly gets the seal of approval. Sewn-in cups offer stability and support while the adjustable straps allow wearers to create a custom fit. 

Top-of-the-line tanks
Some ladies might like to rock a long-sleeve tee or a three-quarter length shirt to sweat more and gain better results. While I might try that from time to time, I generally stick to a fitted tank top while working out, as tees often left me fiddling with the sleeves.

By switching to tanks like the zaggora hot top - black I no longer have to fight with sleeves or other bunching. Plus, the patent-pending fabric used, which has been found to increase a person's body heat, helps to burn more calories while performing the same exercises. The results are similar to wearing a long-sleeved option without getting too hot. 

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