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Liven up your winter wardrobe while you await spring
by Lisse |  Jan 30, 2013

The warm sunshine (and bright colors) of spring are still months away. I don't know about you, but I tend to fall in to a dark rut around this time of year - a dark gray, black, navy and more black rut. I'm talking about my wardrobe of course, and I'd be surprised if you said you didn't have this problem, too. 

The days are dark, so for some reason, I subconsciously slip into these dark neutrals, covering my pasty winter skin and hoping to just blend in. I find myself reaching for the same old gray sweater, black pants and black boots, or choosing a black skirt, black tights and gray boots, or, on an especially wild day, I might put on a navy top. There's nothing wrong with neutrals or dark colors, but my wardrobe gets pretty boring around this time of year.

Half the excitement of fashion is standing out! Whether you prefer to stick to basics like black or are looking for some ways to add color to these dark days, here are some tricks that are sure to liven up your wardrobe so you can end winter with a fashionable bang!

Learn to love leather
Not only is leather super warm - insulating you from those bitter winds - it also happens to be totally on-trend right now! Use this toasty trend to your advantage, layering on a leather (or pleather) bomber jacket to add some edge to an otherwise blah outfit.

Outerwear isn't the only place you can add leather, though. Try a leather pencil skirt with a polished white button-up for work, or look for tops with tasteful patches of leather. Black is classic, but why not look for leather in a trendy hue like oxblood or emerald, too?

Bring spring in early
I personally adhere to certain fashion "rules," like not wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day. But there are no rules prohibiting color from your winter wardrobe! When adding jewel tones, neons and even pastels to your closet, the key is to stick with winter weight materials. A bright cobalt cashmere sweater? Sunshine yellow wool skirt? Now that's how you lift the winter blues!

Don't let winter dull your sparkle
The holidays gave us plenty of reasons to get glittery, but now that they're over we have to stow the rhinestones, metallics and sparkles until next year, right? Wrong! These eye-catching accessories are the perfect way to breathe life into your outfit. Top off your look with a sparkly headband or belt, or add colorful rhinestone earrings or a statement necklace. Don't be afraid to let your wardrobe shimmer, too. A sequined top can be made work-friendly when you layer it over a black turtleneck or tuck it under a blazer.

Show some skin, add some texture
Even if you only wear black, mixing and matching textures - especially sheers - can add an exciting element to your ensemble. Lace is on-trend this season, and is a perfectly wintry way to show some skin. Lace tights or other sheers with a pattern like hounds tooth, polka dot and chevron add oomph to an otherwise achromatic look. Lace is also showing up in bits and pieces on work-appropriate tops and dresses. The rule of thumb is just to have a good camisole if you're wearing a sheer top to work. 

Other great ways to add some life to your outfit? Mix and match fabrics with different textures and never be afraid to layer them on. The added garments not only add style to your look, they'll keep you warm!

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