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Festive fall decorating ideas to brighten up your home
by Laurel |  Sep 18, 2012

Although nothing beats the crisp fall weather, one of the things I love most about this season is hanging out at home, re-organizing and re-decorating. During the summer it seems like I'm always on the go, but the change of seasons gives me more time to focus on making my home cozy and cute for the long winter ahead.

Plus, there is something about the drop in temperature and the changing of the leaves that just inspires me to brighten up my home decor. Here are three ways to brighten up your home this fall.

Using color
Orange, red, gold - nothing says "autumn" like the colors of the fall foliage! Although summer may be the season with the most vibrant colors in nature, the changing leaves are like nature's last hurrah when it comes to color.

Using these colors in your home is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your decor and make it totally festive. Add a few orange or gold throw pillows to your sofa, or set the table with warm, bright placemats and napkins to bring some of those gorgeous colors inside.

Bringing the outdoors in
What's your favorite part of fall? For me, it's the pumpkins, gourds and other natural elements that only come around this time. These are the parts of the season that make me feel the brightest, so bringing them into my home is one of the best ways I can think to brighten it up!

Adding a bowl of gourds in different colors and patterns to the kitchen table is one easy way to brighten things up this fall, but you can also get a little more creative when it comes to pumpkins and other seasonal favorites. Collect some brightly colored fall leaves and arrange them underneath a glass cloche or vase for an elegant table centerpiece. Stacking Cinderella pumpkins (those flat, folksy-looking ones) on top of each other is another cute way to jazz up an entryway or bookshelf.

Bright lights, small sitting room
Although I love the way candles make my apartment look all homey, you don't have to live in a big city to enjoy the warmth an arrangement of candles can give off. Using the staples of fall, you can create one of the brightest candle displays of the year - even beyond your average Jack-O-Lantern.

Although there's nothing wrong with a classic Jack, you can put your carving skills to an even more elegant use. Try this de'light'fully easy trick for creating pumpkin sconces, adapted from a Martha Stewart design. You'll need just one pumpkin in any size you want, but you can make as many as you want for an even brighter display. One that is about 8 to 10 inches would sit nicely on a shelf or table, but larger ones can sit on the floor or steps.

Slice off one of the pumpkin's sides and cut a hole, carving it out. The hole will become the top of the sconce. Then, take a small wood gouge or other scraping tool and create a starburst design in the rind of the bottom of the pumpkin - this will be the front. Be careful not to puncture the flesh! Once you are done, slice the other side of the pumpkin off but only enough so it sits flat. Place a candle inside the carved part and watch the room glow. Talk about a bright idea!

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