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Who's number one on your list?
by Jessica |  Sep 5, 2012

You're running left and right, meeting deadlines at work and friends for cocktails. But somehow, in all these aspects of your life, you aren't coming out on top.

Your friends, family and coworkers may be important to you, but if they are taking the number one spot on your importance list, you might be doing something wrong. We have a hard time putting ourselves first for a number of reasons. We think it's selfish, or maybe we think we can make just a few more sacrifices to make other parts of our lives better. But here's the truth: everything else you do in your life will be better if you're a better YOU!

Still, it can be hard to put yourself first. Here are some ways you can fit in some "me" time, even when it seems like there just isn't a slot on your schedule.

Work it out

It may seem like there aren't enough hours in the day for me time - once you finish your work and other obligations, you're probably ready to hit the hay. But sleeping doesn't count as "me" time (even though that's important, too!)

Working out might actually be one of the best ways to fit in "me" time. You won't feel guilty, since you know exercise is recommended by your doctor, and it will give you more energy to complete everything else you have to do in the day! Try to fit it in first thing in the morning. That way, you won't "forget" to fit it into the day, and your energy levels will be teeming by the time you get to the office.

Schedule it in

Another way to make sure you put yourself first is to literally schedule yourself in. Maybe it's a weekly yoga class or a manicure at Bliss. Whatever it is, when it's actually written down in your calendar, alongside all the things you do for other people, you will be more likely you stick with it. Even if it's just another thing you have to do at first, once you're on the mat or in the spa, you'll have time to focus on yours truly.

Carve out time

There are times when you truly can't find time in the day for "me" time. It happens. In these scenarios, it's important to look at your schedule and do some cleaning. Cleaning doesn't seem like the best way to unwind, but what this means is looking at your schedule and finding things you might be able to do away with - things that are wasting precious time that could be spend on YOU!

Maybe this means saying "no" more often, or maybe it means asking for help from others. Whatever it is, carving out time in your schedule is sometimes necessary, and always beneficial.

How will you spend your "me" time?

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