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Fix it, fast! Common beauty blunders you can fix
by Katie |  Aug 23, 2012

I've been doing my own makeup for years. You'd think, by now, that I have it mastered, and yet there are days when I put down my brush, look in the mirror and realize I look more like Bozo the clown than Beyonce.

Mistakes happen to the best of us, and whether you mess up trying out a new makeup trend or attempting to put on eyeliner before your morning coffee, there are some easy, fast fixes - no makeup remover required!

When there's ash left over from that smoky eye

When you're focused on dusting the shades of gray, graphite and black over your upper eyelid, you might not notice until afterward that there's a light dusting of eyeshadow all over your already-done cheeks, giving them a dark, slightly bruised appearance. Don't try to wipe it away! That will only make it worse.

Instead, wipe that section of your face down with cleansing wipes - that way, you'll only have to re-apply foundation, bronzer, blush and whatever else in that area, instead of washing your whole face. Next time you try that bold eye look, fold a single square of tissue and hold it underneath your lower lash line to catch any falling shadow.

You're not blushing, you're Bozo

If your cheeks look more like those of Bozo the clown than a blushing goddess after you're done with the rouge, you may think you have to rub or wash it off, taking the rest of your makeup with it.

Not so! If you used a powder blush, just dust some translucent powder over the problem area to diffuse the pigment. If it's cream blush, just blend some foundation on top to mellow out the hue. You can use this technique for too much bronzer, too.

The klumpiest of the Kardashians

Guilty of layering on gobs of mascara to get those Kardashian lashes? I know I am. When your lashes look more like Klumpy Kardashian than Kim, Kourtney or Khloe, you don't have to remove all your eye makeup and start over again.

Instead, grab a baby wipe or saturate a tissue in a makeup remover like Lid + Lash Makeup Remover, then use it to gently clamp your lashes with your thumb and forefinger. Pull the tissue outward, being careful not to pull any lashes out. This should remove the clumps, but the lashes may still look stuck together. To spread them and get a voluminous appearance, dab your finger in Vaseline, then lightly run it over the tips of the lashes to separate them.

This problem might mean you need to toss that tube of mascara - too-old formula tends to clump and cake - not a good look!

Do you have any clever fixes for those common cosmetic conundrums? What's your most dreaded makeup mistake?

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