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Hip and healthy ways to tote H2O
by Jessica |  Aug 13, 2012

I'm rounding a corner, thinking I am almost done with the 5K I'm running, and am suddenly overcome with that terrible awful dry throat, just begging for a droplet of water to moisten it and allow me to breathe without coughing. Being without water is every runner's worst nightmare, and for good reason - not staying hydrated can be fatal! But carrying a Nalgene water bottle throughout a run is not exactly practical, either. Fortunately, there are new hydration options that can be perfect for all athletes - whether you're running a marathon or taking Fido for a hike.

Wear it on your waist

One option is to wear your water around your waist. There are several water belts you can wear that hold one or two bottles of water. These are generally adjustable and lightweight, but running with the weight of water bottles might take some getting used to. This is one of the best options for runners and bikers, since it allows easy, one-handed access to the bottles.

Bounce it on your back

Another option is to wear the water on your back. CamelBak is probably the most well-known manufacturer of water bottles you can wear on your back as you hike. These are ideal for hikers and bikers taking long treks because they can store a lot of water - between 70 and 100 fluid ounces - with a handy tube for sipping without stopping. Plus, most are designed so you can stash snacks, maps and other gear in additional areas.

Sip while you sprint

Of course, you might not feel like lugging around a backpack or other H2O storage device for shorter jaunts. There are also water bottles with straps so you can fasten them to your hands as you walk or run. Nathan has a great version of this model with a small zipper compartment attached. At the beginning of your run these hand bottles also serve as light free weights!

All of these options usually also feature some type of storage for other workout necessities like your keys, wallet, cell phone and ID card, which you should ALWAYS bring with you when you set out on an adventure. Safety should always come first, but fortunately this colorful gear is cute, too!

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