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New ways to light up your life
by Lisse |  Aug 9, 2012

Everyone needs a little something to light up their lives, to give them hope... to carry on... Okay, maybe the light fixtures in your apartment aren't exactly what Debby Boone was singing about in that (awesome) classic, but lady's got a point - lighting is important. At the same time, we all know style is even MORE important (I know it's not just me!)

The advent of Pinterest has given me cause to have a light-induced frenzy - I literally want to replace all of the lights in my apartment with the DIY duds I found on here. For your sake, I'll limit myself to my top three favorites. Welcome to a brighter world that goes far beyond 60 watt-bulbs and Christmas strands.


Remember back in the day when slideshows were more than a feature of your computer's iPhoto? (It's okay if you don't!) Once upon a time you had to get your photographs turned into slides to have them projected on a screen, and these slides - little squares of plastic with film-like images in them - can now serve as a super-unique lampshade! Credit for this brilliant idea goes to Rachel Reynolds, who sells it on Etsy, but you might be able to make it yourself if you're crafty.

You just have to poke holes in each edge of the slides (look for them art antique shops or in your grandma's basement), and attach them using circular wires. Once you have a lampshade-sized sheet of the slides attached to each other, you string the topmost hooks onto a circular lampshade frame, which you can get at most craft stores. When you're done, you have an adorable vintage-style projection of the slides all at once!

A cupcake creation

Paper lanterns are cute and stylish, but they've been around for a while and they're not all that eye-catching anymore. However, when they are embellished, they can look like the latest design from Anthropologie. This rhododendron chandelier is a perfect example. Starting with a white paper lantern, glue white paper cupcake liners around the lantern in rings so the sides slightly touch. Once it is covered, you can glue smaller, striped liners inside the larger white ones.

The result is a gorgeous, modern and flowery looking ball of light hanging from your ceiling!

Caging candles

Vintage birdcages? Adorable. Candles? Cozy. Candles inside vintage birdcages? Pure lighting genius! This charming idea simply involved getting your hands on some antique (or antique-looking) bird cages (look at thrift stores or your local Marshall's or craft store) and arranging a variety of pillar candles inside. Bonus points if you incorporate antique candlesticks and smaller tealights into this array of light, too!

Hang the cages from the ceiling or place them on tables for instant warmth (and style) in any room. 

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