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Smile your way to whiter teeth
by Aimee |  Aug 1, 2012

You probably already know how flashing your pearly whites can convey your friendliness to others, and maybe even get that guy at the bar to buy you a drink. However, when you're not feeling the best about your teeth, it can wipe that smile off entirely. Tragic! Don't let your teeth keep you from conveying your welcoming, friendly and happy personality. If they are not qu-'white' as pearly as you want them to be, you have several options to get the smile you want.

Whiten at home

There are so many options for at-home whitening these days, from toothpastes to strips and gels. Choosing your whitening product really depends on how fast you want to see a change. If you need a snowy smile 'white' away, go for a kit like the Go Smile Smile Whitening Light System, which guides you through a process that is similar to the one you'd get at the dentist - using a gel and a special non-UV light. Your teeth will be between six and eight shades lighter in just 30 minutes.

Other kits take between four days and two weeks before they start showing results, so it really depends on how fast you need those chompers to get chalk-white. Another speedy kit is the Go Smile Speed Whitening System. This kit's two-step process takes just about four minutes each day, and gets you glowing in just four days!

The brightest optical illusion

You can use optical illusions to improve the appearance of almost any part of you - just like contouring with makeup can make your face look more chiseled and wearing black clothing can make you look thin, wearing certain lip colors can make your teeth look super white - or super yellow. While you're waiting for your whitener to kick in, try on some of the season's hottest lip color trends.

Even though coral lipstick is trendy right now, this and other warm colors might not look too great if your teeth are on the yellow end of the spectrum. Instead, opt for blue-based pinks and reds. Any warm browns also tend to make discoloration stand out.

Prevent those stains!

Most discoloration comes from the food and drink we eat, so to make your teeth whitening process last the longest, try to dodge the substances that stain. Cola, coffee and other dark foods and beverages can seriously stain, so if you must drink them, use a straw. A good rule of thumb is this: if it would stain a white T-shirt, it will stain your teeth.

Smoking is also a major source of yellowing on teeth - the tobacco causes brown stains that penetrate all grooves of your tooth enamel, and are tough to get out just by brushing. Yet another reason to kick this unhealthy habit!

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