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Why so glum, sugar plum? Bust that bad mood fast!
by Jessica |  Jul 25, 2012

We all have those days - you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, someone put "sandpaper on your toilet seat" - whatever! Bad moods are the worst, and we all know they can be triggered by a variety of things. I know, I know - when you're bummed about something, the last thing you want to do is get all smiley. But it's important to know how to cheer yourself up - not only will the blues continue to bring you down, when you're sad, you're depriving the world of your sparkly personality! Here are some blues busters I've picked up along the way. 

Get your mind racing

Thinking rapidly has been proven to improve moods and increase energy, confidence and creativity, no matter what the subject of the thoughts are. Got something sad on your mind? CaringToday.com recommends some rapid-fire problem solving to pick up your spirits. Come up with five solutions to the problem that's weighing on you - whether they are good and uplifting or not. You might just find that picking up the pace in your mind prompts some chemical changes that lift your mood. Another way to get your mind moving is to try and speed-read a magazine.

Fake it 'till you make it

It's easy to become quiet, introverted and completely lost in your thoughts when you're feeling grumpy, and the last thing you want to do is be friendly to other people. However, there's something about acting happy that actually MAKES you happy. There are even studies to back this up! Crazy, right? Even if you're usually shy, consciously changing your behavior to be more assertive, friendly or outgoing can change your mood. Same goes for helping others - random acts of kindness lift your spirits as you lift those of others.

Treat yo'self!

Everyone loves presents! Although you can't expect to be showered with gifts whenever you're feeling less than sunny, you can get a small treat for yourself. Whether it's an ice cream cone, new type of lip balm or even listening to your favorite song, even the smallest of treats has the power to increase happiness. "Call Me Maybe" for me, please... 

Phone a friend

Talking out your bad mood always helps, but calling up a friend to talk about something totally unrelated can also be a good blues buster. Feeling a connection with someone else can boost feel-good hormone called oxytocin, according to Everyday Health. Bonus points if you call one of your cheeriest friends - as it turns out, happiness really is contagious. Being around someone with a sunny outlook may help you get out of your gloom and see the bright side of things. 

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