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Has suffering through liquid cleanses left you tired of life in the 'fast' lane?

Bliss believes in a healthier approach to detox, which is why we teamed up with eco-conscious cleansing brand Joulebody to create two refreshingly different raw food detox programs, designed exclusively for the Bliss customer: The Happy Cleanse + The Happy Juice Cleanse.

As much as we believe in keeping your skin clean, we also know how vital it is for your overall happiness and well being to keep what's inside clean as well. And we think the best way to do that is with a detox program that doesn't make you feel miserable while you're doing it. That's why we created The Happy Cleanses. These are diets meant to rid your system of habitual toxic foods by eliminating them for three days.

Most all-liquid cleanses work by depriving the body of food -- but biology and history show us that starvation only puts the body into a state of emergency, causing it to store what it thinks it may need.

The Happy Cleanses are based on the idea of healthy eating for healthy detox, a concept that's much kinder on your body than starving it into submission. This approach relies on solid foods with fresh, vegan, gluten and dairy free ingredients that ignite the body's natural ability to cleanse and regenerate itself through the liver and kidneys. So if you feel like you 'can't get no satisfaction' from typical liquid cleanses-get ready to change your tune.

If your body is a temple, think of a detox program as the perfect way to clean house.

The Happy Cleanses can help the body rid itself of free radicals, which are toxins brought in by pollutants and bad foods. They can also help you achieve healthier digestion, clearer skin, more energy, more restful sleep, and even aid in weight loss from water retention when combined with exercise and the maintenance of a healthy diet. And best of all, you'll actually feel happier both while you're detoxing and when you're done.

Here are some of the benefits you may achieve from The Happy Cleanses:
• Rid yourself of toxin build up
• Gain energy
• Kickstart healthy water weight loss
• Regenerate radiant skin
• Improve concentration
• Reset your body after trauma or drug therapy
• Introduce the body to foods that nourish and make you feel fabulous
• Address food cravings and allergies

Maximize your results and feel your best while detoxing with this service, specifically designed to be scheduled while undergoing our Happy Cleanse.

The treatment includes a relaxing wrap infused with ginger, an herb known for a bevy of benefits including reducing inflammation and muscle pain and boosting circulation. It 'wraps' up with a Vichy rinse and a moisturizing rubdown, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to complete your cleanse. Exclusive for happy cleanse customers!

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