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Still have questions about what to expect and how it all works? We know starting a cleanse isn't something you take lightly, so we've provided answers to some of your most common questions below.
about the cleanse

how often can I perform the happy cleanses?
Because you are getting real nutrients from the juices and eating vegan meals or snacks, you can do it as often as you like.

what are some side effects I can expect?
On a juice fast, you may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, and a heavily coated tongue. These are signs of an important first stage of cleansing where your body is busy ridding itself of unwanted toxins. The greater the quantity of toxins in the blood, the worse you will feel. While these dips and dives may be unsettling in the short term, your body will thank you for it in the long run as it resets itself to an all-natural equilibrium based on the highly nourishing and replenishing qualities of the Happy Cleanses

don’t cleanses make you feel weak? will I be able to exercise? It is true that some cleanses are so restrictive they leave you feeling less energetic than usual. The Happy Cleanses have enough protein and electrolytes to help you get through your entire day. The program also includes support materials that will help you work out safely.

where is the fiber and protein in my diet coming from?
Cleanses in general remove the pulp of vegetables and fruits and, therefore, extract water-soluble fibers that help with the process of cleansing. The Happy Cleanse also adds supplements such as flaxseed, dandelion root and aloe to help in the cleansing process.

since it is a cleanse, will I have to use the bathroom a lot?
You will experience a greater frequency of urination. Although it is uncommon, you may also experience an increase in your bowel movements. If you are in your 30's and 40's, you may suffer from conditions such as IBS, or hormonal changes, so we have been extremely cautious about keeping the fiber intake at a reasonable level. Many of our meals do not exceed 4 grams of fiber, are high in plant-based protein, and offer energizing vitamins and minerals.

who would not be able to do this cleanse?
This is a plant-based, whole foods diet, but if you have doubts or wonder if you are right for this program, we recommend you view the menu and consult with your physician.

who is a good candidate?
If you're looking to get started on a healthy program, struggle with low energy, dull skin, or stomach bloating and are considering a wellness program, you would be a good candidate for the Happy Cleanses. If you are unsure about whether you are a good candidate, we recommend you speak with your physician.

what if I’m allergic to nuts, dairy, seafood, wheat or gluten?
The Happy Cleanses are free of nuts, dairy, seafood, wheat and gluten.

does the cleanse interfere with medications, aspirin, vitamins, etc.?
Please consult with your doctor for this information.

how long will it take for me to feel the difference after I start the cleanse?
The positive effects of eating a ‘clean’ diet (meals that are wholesome, plant-based and mildly cooked with very specific herbs and spices) start immediately with your digestive system. You may feel some detox symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, and small aches, but they will go away.

Each individual is unique, but usually by the second or third day of the cleanse, most clients feel great and experience an instant difference in skin tone and stomach bloat.

will I still be able to drink coffee?
Prior to beginning the program, we ask you to complete a profile that allows you to review your daily habits and make personal adjustments. While we recommend following the cleanse fully with no extra supplements, if you are a frequent coffee drinker and absolutely cannot live without your hot cup of coffee in the morning, we ask that you remember the age-old adage: nothing in excess, everything in moderation. If you must, only drink one cup of coffee, and as you delve deeper into the cleanse, we challenge you to supplement even this one cup of coffee with green tea or hot water and lemon.

can I drink bottled water?
It is recommended that you stay away from all plastic water containers that are not PET, BPA free, plant based plastic bottles (like our packaging) during the cleanse. This is due to certain gases that are emitted from the plastic and could enter your liquids/meals.

what is potassium broth?
Our Potassium Broth is our very own copy written broth that offers the body natural energy from electrolytes, B vitamins, potassium, and protein. You will find our special broth in all of your meals.

how does it work?
Each fruit & vegetable is combined and supplements are added to suppress appetite but provide sufficient nutrition to keep the body energetic & healthy during the elimination of solid foods. About 6 glasses of room temperature or warm filtered water is recommended in addition to juice. – Filtered water does not include plastic bottled water. Organic fruits and vegetables are recommended. If organic produce isn't available, peel skin of fruits and vegetables or wash vegetables with a non-toxic produce cleaner.

how are the juices packaged to maintain nutrition?
Joulebody meals are contained and sealed in PET, BPA free, plant based, plastic containers to preserve the natural flavors & nutrients of the vegetable and fruits

is the food raw?
The drinks are raw, but the foods are cooked in very controlled, limited temperatures to preserve the nutrients.

aren’t you supposed to give up solid food during a cleanse?
The idea that all cleanses must consist of liquid drinks only is a common but outdated one. With special cooking techniques and added minerals in the food, The Happy Cleanses are effective while still allowing you to enjoy solid food.

can I customize my order?
This program is created specifically to address all the nutrients your body needs. Changing the meal plan will not allow the maximum benefit to your body.

can I skip a meal or replace it with something else?
Care was taken to make sure that each of our meals gives the appropriate combination of ingredients, and that they are digested at the right time of day. We do not recommend making any changes to this meal plan.

what if I get hungry?
While we recommend you stick to our program, if you need extra energy during the cleanse feel free to supplement with small portions of the following foods:
  • Vegetables: Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery
  • Fruits: Green apple, Blueberries
  • Proteins: Hummus, handful of raw, unsalted Nuts
  • Liquids: Fennel, Mint, or Peppermint teas, Lemon + Water
  • Spices: Turmeric

    Also, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated, and meditate to stay rested and calm and satisfy hunger pangs.

    about ordering and delivery

    can I change or cancel my delivery date?
    All food is freshly cooked based on your order date, so any changes to your order must be made within 72 hours of planned delivery.

    what if I don’t receive my order, or if there is something missing or wrong?
    Please call Bliss Customer Service at 888-243-8825.

    what do I do if my delivery is late?
    Delivery times are estimates, and while we make every effort to get your cleanse to you on time, sometimes delays do happen. In the event that your cleanse arrives late, please follow these instructions:
  • As you wait for your cleanse to arrive, drink water with lemon.
  • If your cleanse arrives before noon, start with the 9am juice and continue with the normal schedule.
  • If your cleanse arrives after noon, still begin with the 9am juice before eating the 12pm meal, and feel free to supplement with a green apple as you wait.
  • If you are still hungry, supplement with small portions of healthy, raw fruits and vegetables.

    can I have my meals delivered to my office?
    Yes, you can have your delivery scheduled to arrive wherever is most convenient for you.

    how can I pay for my cleanse?
    Right now we are accepting credit card as form of payment. COD, glow points, gift cards and promo codes are not applicable to Happy Cleanse purchases.

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